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Game Apparent – Gameapparent.com is the work of Chris Koerner and Ted Stahl. We were gamers long before we were fathers. However, once you’re a parent, nothing comes before your family. Having enjoyed video games for decades, we know how much fun they can be.

We also recognize that, like films, different titles have different target audiences. There are a number of individuals and groups who have politicized the conversation about video games and have polarized the subject. We believe that both sides have valid concerns: On one side, many fear that exposure to games can adversely affect children. On the other side, many are trying to defend gaming as an entertainment form in light of the opposition’s attempts to vilify it.

Game Apparent attempts to find the middle ground where these two perspectives can join to identify a healthy and responsible gaming experience for the family. We hope to do this by:

1) Highlighting the ESRB rating system and helping parents to better identify appropriate content for their children.

2) Identifying games that enable a more social experience through multiple concurrent players.

3) Highlighting studies and findings that are relevant to a better understanding of the impact of gaming on human development. We hope to be as even-handed as possible by identifying all studies. It is only through weighing all of the data that one can make informed decisions.

4) Publish articles and keep an ongoing blog that identifies excellent gaming opportunities as well as how to avoid exposure to inappropriate content.

As parents, it is our responsibility to help our children as much as we can. Games can provide appropriate role-playing opportunities as well as engaging interactive stories. At Game Apparent, we hope that our site can become a valuable tool to help you identify appropriate content for your family and to help you bond on yet another level with your children.


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