Terms of use

1. Introduction

We thank you for being part of our playground. In order for the playground to last and grow, maybe we should have the same rules for all players including you.

2. Our terms and conditions

Gameapparent offers a solution that is provided via Gameapparent Inc, based in the United States. To find out how to reach Gameapparent you can visit our Contact page.

When you visit this site You agree to the policies outlined on this webpage, as well as the Privacy Policy. Be sure to read these policies carefully.

If you are not comfortable this policy, you should not continue using our services, unless and until you decide to reconsider your decision.

3. Your Authority

The usage of our Services doesn’t mean you have all intellectual rights related to the content of our Services as well as the information you download. You are not permitted to use any content that is available through the Services unless you have been legally authorized by the person who owns the content, or are otherwise authorized by the law. These terms don’t grant users the rights to make use of any trademarks or logos that are used within our Services. Don’t remove or obscure any legal notices that are displayed on or on the side of our Services.

Our service will display non-Game-like content. The service provider alone is accountable for the content. We can review content to determine if it’s unlawful or in violation of our policies. We can remove or deny to show content if we have a reason to. We believe that the content is in violation of our policies or laws. However, this doesn’t mean that we’ll investigate any content. Don’t presume that we’ll do so.

When you use of the Service we will provide you with service alerts, admin announcements along with other details. You can opt not to receive any of these messages.

Some of our services are accessible on mobile devices. Don’t use these Services in a manner that is distracting you or prevents you from adhering to traffic laws or safety regulations.

You are able to discontinue using this service at any point. We’ll miss you as well as everyone else, however.

4. Your Gameapparent Account

You may require a Gameapparent Account in order to use certain of our services. You can make an account for yourself. Gameapparent Account.

When you sign in quickly with the account you have created with your Google login, you are agreeing to let Gameapparent to access your email address as well as your display name and avatar to join the Gameapparent account.

To protect your Gameapparent Account, keep your password secret. You are accountable for any activities that occur through or on or through your Gameapparent Account. Make sure you do not use Your Gameapparent Account password in third-party applications. If you discover any illegal use of your Gameapparent Account password or Account, make sure you change the password you use and then report the issue to us.

5. Be sure to protect your privacy

Our Privacy Policy outlines how we deal with your personal information and safeguard your privacy while using our services. When you use our services you consent that Gameapparent can use your information in the manner described in our privacy policy.

6. Your Content in our Services

Certain of our Services permit users to upload, store and send or receive content. You own any intellectual property rights that you hold in this content. What is yours will always be yours.

If you upload, store or send content through or to our Services and/or our Services, you give Gameapparent (and the other companies we collaborate with) the worldwide right to host, use hosts, duplicate, adapt, host or develop derivative works (such as those that are derived of translations and adaptations or other modifications we make in order to make your content more compatible using Translate) Our services) communicate, publish publically, perform, publicly show and distribute these content. The rights granted by this license are only for reasons, like operating in promoting and enhancing our services and developing new ones. The license will remain in force you stop using our services (for instance, for example, a photograph article you publish).

Our automated systems analyse all of your information (including email messages) to offer you specific product features that are relevant to you including personalized search results, customized advertising , and malware and spam detection. The analysis occurs at the time the content is transmitted and received, as and when it is stored.

7. Our Disclaimer

We hope you take pleasure in this play area. But, there are some things we cannot promise regarding our services. Except for the expressly stated exceptions in these terms or any additional conditions.

Certain states offer specific warranties, like implied warranty of fitness for a particular use or fitness for a specific reason and non-infringement. In the event that it is allowed by law we disclaim any and all warranties.

We are the only ones who create the playground and will not be accountable for any information shared by users.

We do not take responsibility for any harm that results from the use of our service or downloading content from our site.

8. These Terms are subject to change.

You shouldn’t be wearing the same shirt for a lifetime We can’t, and neither should we. We also realize that this policy needs to be modified periodically and we retain the right to change it. You must accept our changes in order to use the service.