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The latest FINAL FANTASY BE:WOTV code.

D622 Enter the gift code to get 50 Diamonds (New).
6E74 Exchange the gift code for 500 Items (Valid).
2A27E Add the promotional code to get 30 Coins (Valid).
2348A Redeem the promotional code to earn 10 Items.
2943C Add the gift code for 40 Coins.
A87 Add a code to earn 500 Items.
B8E4 Enter the code to claim 10 Tokens.
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Gift code FINAL FANTASY BE:WOTV has expired

  • 230C3
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  • 4C89
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  • 3115D
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  • A2BA

Use giftcode FINAL FANTASY BE:WOTV meant for newbies.

  • 10773
  • 13CC6
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Code FINAL FANTASY BE:WOTV intended for livestream purposes.

  • 203F5
  • 2797A
  • 22254
  • 3FF0
  • 5AE5
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  • 243F7
  • A373
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Guide process to apply for FINAL FANTASY BE:WOTV game.

Discover tips on how to redeem your gift code with these simple guidelines:

First with Step 1: Access the website where the gift code.

Second step: Log in or register if you don’t have an account yet.

Continue with Step 3: Find the area where you can activate your code.

Next up is Step 4: Type your code in the field specified.

Finally, complete Step 5: Hit the activate button.

Take advantage of your gift!

Description about FINAL FANTASY BE:WOTV.

In the latest work of the FINAL FANTASY BRAVE EXVIUS series, experience a battle that has remained unknown in the world of FFBE…until now.

Characters from past FINAL FANTASY titles will be included!

Twin princes and the beautiful steel maiden—
The War of the Visions begins!

• —————————————- •
• —————————————- •
Experience the stories of each kingdom and its warriors on the continent of Ardra by exploring Story Quests, World Quests, Event Quests, and more.
Cooperate with other players to progress in Multiplayer Quests, or compete online via Duel.

<Battle System>
The pinnacle of tactical battles, presented in 3D terrains with various elevations. Aim for victory by employing unique strategies for each battle.
Auto-battle and increased speed settings are also available, allowing beginners to play with ease.
Similar to previous FINAL FANTASY titles, characters can make a difference between victory and defeat with special moves called Limit Bursts that feature impressive displays and powerful attacks!
Familiar Espers of the FINAL FANTASY series will appear in CG animations, supporting players with their incredible power.

<Job System & Elements>
Acquire new jobs by raising units with the Job System. In addition, each unit has an Element that can be utilized against enemies to deal increased damage. Make good use of the Job System and Elements to gain the advantage in battle.

In addition to Story Quests where you can enjoy the main tale of War of the Visions, you can enjoy more than 200 unique quests within World Quests and Event Quests, where various materials can be acquired.

<Voice Acting>
Story Quests are fully voiced in Japanese and English. Choose your preferred language and enjoy the tale of War of the Visions.

Familiar to the FFBE series, the BGM of War of the Visions is composed by Elements Garden (Noriyasu Agematsu).
The world of War of the Visions is adorned with stately timbre performed by a full orchestra.

• —————————————- •
• —————————————- •
Leonis, a small kingdom surrounded by powerful nations, has remained unconquered with the help of a curious ring bestowed upon it king by the “Winged One.”

With visions—the hopes and dreams of
legendary warriors given life—on their side,
Leonis could hold its own against the might of other kingdoms.

But as the ever-repeating cruelty of fate would have it,
even the bonds of love and friendship cannot remain unscathed.

The twin princes of Leonis,
Mont and Sterne, are no exception.

Their feud signals the beginning of the end of the longstanding War of the Visions.

In this war-torn land of rivaling nations,
who will be left smiling
in the dazzling light of the Crystal?

<Familiar FINAL FANTASY series Espers such as Ifrit and Ramuh appear!>
<In addition to Ayaka and Aileen from FFBE, Global-original characters will also participate in WAR OF THE VISIONS FINAL FANTASY BRAVE EXVIUS!>

And so begins the tale of the War of the Visions.

© 2019-2023 SQUARE ENIX CO., LTD. All Rights Reserved. Co-Developed by gumi Inc.


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Inquiry about gift code FINAL FANTASY BE:WOTV.

Players often ask many inquiries related to gift code FINAL FANTASY BE:WOTV. Following are the compiled solutions by Gameapparent.com. If you face any, please refer to the instructions below.


Gift code FINAL FANTASY BE:WOTV is a limited-time combination of letters that can be entered in a designated field to unlock a special offer in a platform

Promo code FINAL FANTASY BE:WOTV can be simply understood as coupons issued by the game system SQUARE ENIX Co.,Ltd. to players of the gaming community, which can support players to add additional items within the game.

Where can I receive the latest gift code for FINAL FANTASY BE:WOTV?

In this post, code FINAL FANTASY BE:WOTV will be supplemented consistently as soon as a new gift code is released for you to utilize. Do bookmark this post and access it frequently to receive even more gift codes.

What is the validity period of the promo code FINAL FANTASY BE:WOTV?

Every promo code FINAL FANTASY BE:WOTV has varying expiration date, so users cannot know how long the code will last for. Validity period of each giftcode will be determined by the event taking place, which can be a few days, a day, or even a few hours. Users should take advantage of the code as soon as possible before it expires!

What could be the cause that the promo code FINAL FANTASY BE:WOTV is not rewarding?

In most cases, code FINAL FANTASY BE:WOTV usually remains active for a long time. Nevertheless, after a certain period of time, some publishers may disable the coupon. This often occurs during a game patch. So, players should keep in mind of some points when applying the code.

– Giftcode is case-sensitive lowercase and uppercase letters.

– In order to add in accurately, players should duplicate the Code on the chart above and then input it onto the promo code space of the gaming platform, instead of inputting it manually.

I’m entered coupon code FINAL FANTASY BE:WOTV yet didn’t get a bonus.

Some gamers add code FINAL FANTASY BE:WOTV again did not receive gifts because the voucher code is not valid or invalid syntax due to being expired. However, the vast majority of the time, there are a few reasons that cause the voucher code to be inaccurate, which is that gamers did not enter the voucher code precisely.

Am I able to redeem this code FINAL FANTASY BE:WOTV many instances?

Each gift code FINAL FANTASY BE:WOTV can only be used once

When will the latest gift code FINAL FANTASY BE:WOTV be updated?

Currently, there is no specific release date for the latest coupon FINAL FANTASY BE:WOTV for players, so you will need to save this blog and access it frequently. We will regularly update codes for you to redeem and receive rewards.

What should we do after successfully adding the gift code FINAL FANTASY BE:WOTV?

No action is needed, the gift will be transferred to the account of the user immediately. If you do not get the gift, it means that the user have already added the gift code or the code has expired.


Congratulations, fans, you’ve successfully redeemed your gift code! We hope you enjoy your reward and have an fantastic gaming experience with game name. Keep an eye out for more cool promotions and updates from us. Thanks for playing our community!

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