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Are you searching for rules Guardians: Royal Journey code? You’ve come to the right spot. Game Guardians: Royal Journey has been published by the Haypi Inc the category of Strategy. The game has been rated with stars by players.

Game for ages Everyone. Game Guardians: Royal Journey includes 50K+ downloads. Updated version Sep 17, 2021

Gameapparent.com – offers you the Guardians: Royal Journey code that we compiled in Guardians: Royal Journey that we created in the form of 29/03/2023. We hope to make it easier to play the game Guardians: Royal Journey.

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Guardians: Royal Journey latest code.

  • 27E97 Modify this code to get 100 diamonds ( New)
  • ADA7 Exchange this code to get 500 Gold.
  • 27382 Enter this code in order to receive 50 Diamonds
  • 1608D Change this code to 150 Diamonds.
  • 11E64 Exchange this code to get 500 Gold.
  • C13E Enter this code in order to receive 50 Diamonds
  • 2F5C1 Change this code to get 100 Diamonds.
  • 11731 You can exchange this coupon for 500 CoinsThen exchange it for 500 Coins.
  • 23D2D Use this code to earn 50 Diamonds
  • 2A05C Use this code to get 100 Diamonds
  • 21AFD Exchange this code for gold item
  • 33166 Exchange this code for a scarce item

Staying up to date…

Guardians: Royal Journey forever code.

  • 2F69
  • DEE9
  • 269C2
  • 25596
  • 1490F
  • 21988
  • B661
  • 281F6
  • 33E82
  • 19D5C
  • 222D4

Guardians: Royal Journey beginner code.

  • 149C5
  • 7BAD
  • 8637
  • 1CFD6
  • 68BB
  • 7045
  • 1FCF4
  • 21737
  • 32E35
  • 3F71
  • 338EF

Guardians: Royal Journey event code.

  • 29994
  • 1A9A
  • 8CF0
  • D901
  • 25A19
  • 1F342
  • 27E13
  • 1EF9B
  • 4A2D
  • 2D336
  • 8898

How do I enter Guardians: Royal Journey code.

Step 1: Visit the homepage Guardians: Royal Journey

Step 2: Find the place where you can enter the gift code Guardians: Royal Journey

Step 3: Type in the gift code Guardians: Royal Journey

Updating details…

Hacking gold: How do you hack it Guardians: Royal Journey.


Step 1.

Step 2.

Step 3.

Introduction Guardians: Royal Journey.

The Very First Tower Defense Game Requires Multi-Dimension Strategies. More Than 1,000 Free TD Levels Are Waiting For You!

In 5 years, with 40+ Game Level Designers, we’ve created more than 5,000 level designs. Through repeatedly optimizations and adjustments, 1,200+ delicate designed levels are carefully selected for every gamer. We’re so happy to see our long-term efforts win the favor of Tower Defense lovers all over the world.

*Cannonade, Thunder Attack, Fire Blast, Ice Freeze, Poison Venom…… Every tower is unique. Make full use of them and develop deep knowledge on each tower’s specialty in this TD game.
*Turn the tables by unleashing the power of Marvelous magic. (Collect essence water and cast powerful magic to defeat the invasions of Creeps army.)

*Time Limited Mode, Boss Destroying Mode, Venture Mode, Tower Limited Mode…… Various game modes create tons of splendid strategic gameplay experience.
*Meet dozens of adorkable Orcs, Dark Plants, Monsters…… Forge your defense formation and defeat the Creeps army. Elite Creeps and Boss crowds are difficult to deal with. Pay high attention to them.

*Thousands of delicate-designed different Tower Defense levels are waiting for your challenge.
*Grassland, Desert, Volcano, Iceberg, Ocean Floor…… Unlock bountiful types of stage theme while adventure.

*Join events to win bountiful rewards. And there’s a chance to claim the exclusive TD experts avatar.
*Compete with other Tower Defense genius and lovers all over the world. Get top 1 in ranklist to conquer the world server.

Permanent Free-to-Play and weekly new level Guaranteed. The TD Challenges here are always new and fresh.
Playing on offline device is Completely Supported. No matter when and where, enjoy the Tower Defense game here.
Link your game with SNS, and PK the score with real-life friends. Exchange valuable gifts to grow stronger together.

Do you have faith in your Tower Defense talents? Get the Guardians: The Royal Journey now and start the fantastic Tower Defense Carnival!

New feature in Guardians: Royal Journey.

Fix the issue may cause crash when playing on some devices.
Other bug fixes and performance improvements.

Image Guardians: Royal Journey.

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Comment on the Guardians: Royal Journey.

I am having trouble logging in at the moment won’t load my account and is making me start over. I absolutely love this game and have been playing for close to 2 years now. Please Please fix this game, it’s my escape. I will be rating you guys a 1 until you fix the problem, been happening for 2 days now. After the problem is fixed, you’ll absolutely get 5 stars, because this game is just so great! Also let’s work on getting new levels out a little faster. Thanks for making a great game.

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Watchmen: Journey to the Kingdom
Haypi Inc

Every person
September 17, 2021
The first tower defense game requires multi-dimensional strategy. More than 1000 free TD Levels are waiting for you!

Over 5 years we have created over 5000 level designs with 40+ Game Level Designers. Over 1200 carefully crafted levels carefully selected for each player through iterative optimizations and tweaks. We are happy that our long-term efforts have won the hearts of Tower Defense lovers around the world.

* Cannon shooting, lightning attack, fire explosion, ice freeze, poison poison… Each tower is unique. Enjoy this TD game and develop a deep understanding of each tower specialist.
* Change everything by unleashing incredible magical powers. (Collect essence juice and cast powerful spells to defeat the invading army of Creeps.)

* Limited Time Mode, Boss Destroy Mode, Effort Mode, Limited Castle Mode… Various game modes create a great strategic gaming experience.
* Encounter a lot of Orcs, Dark Plants, Cute Monsters…… Build your defense structure and defeat the army of Reptiles. Hordes of elite creeps and bosses are difficult to deal with. Give them high esteem.

* Thousands of different beautifully designed Tower Defense levels await your challenge.
* Grasslands, Desert, Volcano, Iceberg, Sea Floor…… Unlock multiple scene themes during your adventure.

* Participate in events to win more prizes. And a chance to earn an exclusive TD expert avatar.
* Compete with other Tower Defense geniuses and enthusiasts around the world. Get the first 1 in the ranking list to conquer the world server.

Always free to play and new weekly levels Guaranteed. The TD challenges here are always new and fresh.
Play on offline devices. Fully supported. Enjoy Tower Defense game here anytime and anywhere.
Link your game to SNS and PK the account of your real life friends. Exchange precious gifts to strengthen the union.

Do you believe in your talent in Tower Defense? Get Guardians: Travel the Realm now and start your wonderful Tower Defense Carnival!
Fixed an issue that could cause a crash when playing on some devices.
Bug fixes and other performance improvements.
I’m having trouble signing in now, it won’t load the account and keeps restarting me. I really like this game and have been playing for almost 2 years. Please fix this game, it’s my escape. I will give you 1 rating until we solve the problem, it has been happening for 2 days. Once the problem is solved, I will definitely get 5 stars because this game is really good! We are working to get the new level faster. Thanks for making a great game.
Details Guardians: Royal Journey

Update at 0:13 - 11/03/2023
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