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Do you happen to be a passionate gamer Indies’ Lies constantly seeking out bonuses? Well, we have an exciting opportunity in store for you! In this piece, we’re going to sharing some awesome promo codes Indies’ Lies to use in your beloved titles.

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The game manufacturer Hainan Yoka Network has distributed a considerable amount of exclusive codes to players through GameApparent for the updated strategy game

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The latest Indies’ Lies code.

31898 Exchange the code to get 100 Tokens (Valid).
23244 Add a code to receive 20 Gold (Valid).
8F2F Exchange the code to earn 10 Tokens (New).
2DA25 Exchange the promotional code to earn 200 Diamonds.
2832F Add a gift code to claim 40 Items.
5A6F Redeem a gift code to earn 100 Items.
31059 Redeem a code to get 40 Coins.
2FCB4 Exchange the promotional code for 300 Tokens.
16548 Enter the gift code to claim 300 Gold.
96E0 Exchange the code to claim 500 Tokens.
1F318 Exchange the code to earn 30 Items.
339D5 Exchange the code to earn 40 Tokens.
32C67 Exchange the promotional code to earn 10 Coins.
2A2D2 Add a gift code to get 30 Coins.
2CE9A Exchange the promotional code to claim 30 Diamonds.
D947 Add a promotional code to claim 100 Diamonds.
982F Exchange a gift code to earn 500 Coins.
3103B Redeem the promotional code to earn 20 Diamonds.
2ADDD Exchange a promotional code to earn 10 Tokens.
265B3 Exchange a code to earn 40 Diamonds.
2234B Enter the promotional code to claim 100 Gold.
2E1DC Enter a gift code for 50 Diamonds.
2EC36 Add the gift code to claim 50 Coins.
12F4D Redeem a gift code to claim 40 Tokens.
EE16 Add a code for 300 Items.
1F6E0 Enter the code for 20 Items.
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Gift code Indies’ Lies has expired

  • 2BA15
  • 18A8A
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  • 221FA
  • 29296
  • 33999
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  • 12C76
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Use gift code Indies’ Lies intended for new accounts.

  • 1FB57
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Gift code Indies’ Lies intended for livestream purposes.

  • 73C0
  • 2325E
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  • 14BB1
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Proceed to Step 3: Locate the area where you can activate your promo code.

Next up is Step 4: Type your promo code in the box specified.

Finally, complete Step 5: Hit the submit button.

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Introduction about Indies’ Lies.

Legend has it that the old gods were the source of creation.

Lord God Strockanos, the god of the universe, created the Mekaa continent out of chaos and formlessness. He poured his own blood into this land, underneath its thick crust of rocks. The gods of agriculture, destiny and death are all guardians of Mekaa, and the source of arcane magic. Therefore God´s Blood and arcane magic form the essentials of life in this world.

Over the years, humans have become the “lords of all things” in Mekaa, from the original ancient clan of the Alrayans, the migrating Elruips, to the Normaasts who were “exiled” to the end of the world. Humanity has developed a variety of civilizations among mountains, on plains, or in the form of nomad tribes. Although there were conflicts between civilizations and different religions over time, the belief in the old gods, mainly Strockanos, has remained dominant.

However, the advent of the “new god” Indies introduced to Mekaa a new faith, and a new “era” for the whole continent and human civilization.

Indies’ Lies is a single-player game that combines deckbuilding with Roguelike and RPG elements. It features procedurally generated maps, diverse talent/rune/partner mechanics, and hundreds of cards for different classes to ensure a refreshing experience each run. Indies’ Lies also has a thick plot set in a medieval fantasy world, with story adventures for each character.

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– Fun for Beginners, Depth for the Experienced
With the hope to introduce the fun of the deckbuilding strategy to more players, we have adjusted and optimized traditional deckbuilding mechanics to create a smoother and more beginner-friendly gameplay. Meanwhile, more experienced players will find gameplay less restrictive yet challenging enough.
– Take 12 Characters with Unique Traits on a Roguelike Journey
Indies’ Lies now has 12 playable characters from 4 classes: Wizards, Rangers and Mechanists, with each character coming with a unique set of cards and talents. It will be a different journey each time on the procedurally generated maps, where you pick different cards, learn different talents, encounter different events and enemies. Explore the possibilities and find your favorite strategy!
– A Partner System to Spice it Up
Indies’ Lies puts you in command of a team of 1 hero and up to 2 partners. There are over 10 partners, all with distinctive cards and strengths. You can match the hero deck with hundreds of partners’ cards to try different tactics. Instead of acting as a mere tank, the partner brings on more room for flexible strategies and team tactics.

– Craft Your Talent Tree
A unique talent tree is procedurally generated for each run, and talents were designed to suit different classes and builds. There are over 200 talents in total, designed to meet the need for deck development at different stages and for different builds.

– Explore a Medieval Fantasy World
Step into Mekaa, a world caught in the clashes of Gods. By collecting clues for each character, you can unlock each story mode and dive into their quests, whether it is chasing a lost love, fighting the Seven Nightmares, or finding the culprit behind Mekaa’s fall into this dark frenzy.

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New feature of Indies’ Lies.

Optimized effects for claiming the Camps’ rewards
Fixed Perry achievement issue which hindered it’s completion
Fixed Wheel of Fortune mini-game issue with items requiring watching ads

Image of Indies’ Lies..

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Inquiry about code Indies’ Lies.

Gamers often ask numerous questions related to promo code Indies’ Lies. Here are the gathered solutions by Gameapparent. If you encounter any, please refer to the instructions below.

What are Code Indies’ Lies?

Gift code Indies’ Lies is a unique and one-time-use set of characters that can be entered in a specified field to activate a special offer in a platform

Code Indies’ Lies can be simply understood as gift vouchers provided by the publisher Hainan Yoka Network to players of the gaming community, which can support players to upgrade additional items within the gaming.

How can I get the valid gift code for Indies’ Lies?

In this article, code Indies’ Lies will be supplemented weekly as soon as a fresh gift code is announced for users to utilize. Do keep this post and visit it frequently to obtain even more promo codes.

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How long is the validity period of the promo code Indies’ Lies?

Each giftcode Indies’ Lies has varying expiration date, so you cannot know how long the code will be valid for. The expiration date of each code will depend on the event taking place, which can be a few days, a day, or even a few hours. You should use the code quickly before it expires!

Why that the promo code Indies’ Lies is not rewarding?

In most cases, giftcode Indies’ Lies usually remains active for a long time. Nevertheless, after a certain period of time, many publishers may revoke the code. This commonly occurs in a major title patch. Therefore, you should keep in mind of a few tips when redeeming the giftcode.

– Promo code distinguishes between lowercase and uppercase letters.

– To enter correctly, you just need to duplicate the Giftcode in the table provided and then input it into the code space in the gaming platform, instead of typing it by hand.

I’ve input code Indies’ Lies yet didn’t receive a prize.

A few players enter voucher code Indies’ Lies but do not receive gifts because the voucher code is not valid or invalid syntax due to being expired. However, the vast majority of the time, there are some factors that cause the voucher code to be non-existent, which is that you did not input the voucher code precisely.

Am I able to redeem the gift code Indies’ Lies many instances?

Each code Indies’ Lies can only be used once

When will the latest code Indies’ Lies be available?

Currently, there is no specific release date for the latest coupon Indies’ Lies for players, so you will need to save this website and check it regularly. We will regularly update gift codes for you to redeem and obtain rewards.

What should we do after successfully adding the gift code Indies’ Lies?

No action is needed, the reward will be sent to the profile of the player immediately. If you do not receive the item, it means that the user have already entered the coupon or the coupon has expired.


Congratulations, fans, you’ve successfully used your gift code! We hope you enjoy your gift and have an amazing gaming experience with game name. Keep an eye out for more exciting promotions and updates from us. Thank you for playing our community!

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