Free Fire 5th Anniversary: ​​Events, new skins, gifts

Happy birthday free fire For 5 years, Garena will host many exciting events with great prizes. Here are the details in the “party”. Birthday free fire.

New Nexterra bar map

Free Fire introduced a new map called Nexterra in the next update. It has a futuristic theme with new game elements. This map is scheduled to be released on August 28th.

Zero Gravity Zone in Free Fire

Two new features are the zero gravity zone where players can jump higher and shoot enemies from above. This area also takes falling damage.

The Magic Portal is a place to place tactical positions on the map. Players can jump through them for easy two-way travel between designed areas. This move will unlock several new tactics, including ambushes and ambushes.

Magic door of free fire

New leather

The 5th anniversary of the Fire Pagoda will include several new skins for weapons, clothing and other items. Below is a list of all the skins that will be added to Free Fire:

  • 5 year banner
  • 5th Anniversary Avatars
  • Call Holiday – 5th Anniversary
  • Unite – FF 5th Anniversary
  • 5 year battery
  • Sonic Eyes Face Paint
  • Ultra Spaceship
  • Spaceship Dominator
  • Crystal Pixel Cutter
  • The universe broke the loot box
  • Electro-protective loot box
  • Ruined Backpack of the Universe
  • Sterling Star Backpack
  • Titan Skyboard Harness
  • Crystal Digital Skyboard
  • Futuristic cutter
  • Pan – Sterling Futuristic
  • Digital Basher
  • Parachute 5th anniversary
  • UFO
  • Animal Skin: Moony’s Spaceship
  • Groza – Sterling Future
  • Cure Sniper – Sterling Futuristic
  • M4A1 – Sterling Future
  • M1887 – Sterling winner
  • Witch Weapons
  • Gloo Wall – Destroyer of the Universe
  • Gloo Wall – Binary CallKatana – Sterling Future
  • Unlimited hits
  • Golden Futurenetic Bundle
  • Sterling Futures Bundle
  • Reunion Passion Package
  • Beauty meeting package
  • Monster Truck – 5th Anniversary
  • Car Sports – Crystal Symmetry
  • Motorcycle – Crystal Symmetry
  • Grenade – Destroyer of the Universe
  • Garnets – Scary crystals
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Limited time diamond shop

During Free Fire’s 5th anniversary, a special limited-time store will open allowing players to pick up vintage weapons and diamond skin packs. The store will open on August 13.

Another game prize

Free room cards are available on August 13, 20 and 27.

Special room card in Free Fire

The initial two-room ticket will be valid for two hours. On August 27, the room card will be valid for a maximum of 6 hours. Players can activate and enjoy their favorite game mode.

Originally posted on August 5, 2022 @ 4:14 pm

Update at 0:52 - 29/06/2023
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