How to find and use Naku Herb in Genshin Impact

Oh grass a necessary ingredient for many characters Effect of Genshin Impact. That’s it The place of Naku grass and its use.

Naku Grass in Genshin Impact

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Naku Grass in Genshin Impact

  • Uses of Naku grass
  • Where to find Naku plants in Genshin Impact
  • These are grass seeds

Uses of Naku grass

Naku Grass in Genshin Impact It is a purple-pink plant with heart-shaped wings and teardrop flowers. They often bloom around the living leaves of Inazuma. In Genshin Impact, you can only use the Naku herb for a mission. No need to level or bake this time.

However, when new characters like Inazuma, Baal, Kokomi come to Genshin Impact, they will use this plant.

The only quest required for Naku Herb comes from an NPC greeted at Fort Fujito named Yasumoto. He will ask you to buy 12 Naku plants. After completing this quest, you can place more than 12 Naku Herbs in Yasumoto’s house to collect an Exquisite Chest.

You must complete the above task at least 3 times. Also, this is a great way to get more Primogems for free every day until the quest is completed.

Location of Naku grass in Genshin Impact

Where to find Naku plants in Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact gives players more places to see Naku grass. However, they are mainly concentrated in the following three areas: to the north of the Jakotsu Mine, the large area around the Grand Narukami Shrine, and to the northeast of Tatarasuna – near the furnace of Mikage.

Mikage Smelting Furnace

Metallurgical furnace

if you go Look for the Naku Genshin Impact plant, this is the best place. They are located under Mikage’s Hearth. Complete the Tales of Tatara quest first to break the barrier and open the entrance to the smelter.

This area is full of elements of Lightning enemies, so you must be ready to face the unexpected dangers that lie ahead.

Yougou is a farm

Yougou is a farm

If you can’t get into Mikage’s meltdown, you can collect the Naku herb near the dam on Mount Yougou.

Great Narukami Temple

Great Narukami Temple

In the Great Temple, players will find rows of cherries. Don’t miss this flower while picking Naku grass because it will be useful for your future plans.

Seirai Island is an island

Seirai Island is an island

This is probably where most of the Nakunya Grass is, although the electric fence here can drain your HP at any moment. But make sure you complete the Seirai Stormchasers quest first.

You will also find vendors selling these plants. In Inazuma City, Aoi sells 5 Naku Plants for 1000 Mora each. Also, the Naku plant returns every two days in the real world.

Naku plants in Genhsin Impact

These are grass seeds

Those who want to grow more Naku plants for the Tran Ca Kettle can purchase them from the Realm Depot with Realm Currency.

However, you cannot plant Naku grass until you have acquired a piece of Value Land: Luxury Glebe to grow it on. This expands the soil around the house so you can start growing. Naku Seed is also a quest reward for beating Reputation Level 3 of Inazuma.

Here’s everything you need to know to find and use Naku Herb in Genshin Impact. We hope the article is useful for you.

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