V Personality Tips for Beginners

ID of the image This is a very good survival game and not easy to beat. But you understand Tips for playing Identity DRAW below, it will be easier for you to start the game.

How to play Identity V for beginners

  • Chat with your teammates
  • Use the map
  • Learn survival and hunter skills
  • Use an inverter
  • Body block

Chat with your teammates

Tips for playing Identity DRAW

A silent team means losers. Are you in trouble? Are there hunters nearby? Where did your decryption go? Click the gray button next to the progress bar to send the information to your friends. communicate with teammates Quick order without a microphone.

To bring Settings > Game > War. Then click the install button Quick setup. You will find 16 different preset messages to send to your teammates during battle. You can also change the messages sent for better support.

Use the map

PICTURE Identity map

At first glance, you wonder what this map means when it’s almost all gray. However, it is actually one of the most valuable items on the battlefield. When communicating with Instant Messaging, you can see the direction in which the message appears on this map.

This will help you find your teammates to help you, or hide when you notice they are nearby. Also, when a Hunter attacks a survivor, you can also see an icon on the map showing the direction of the battle. From there, you can easily decide to run, support, or focus on Cipher elsewhere.

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Learn survival and hunter skills

Learn DRAW identity character skills

It is very important to understand the skills of the character, because each Hunter, Survivor has his skills. Need to know if a character uses machines well? Are you strong enough to stop the Hunter?… So, take the time to learn all the characters and their individual skills to get the most out of Identity V.

Use an inverter

Tide Turner in Identity DRAW

Last moments and survival of the game are the deciding factors of your success/failure while playing Identity V. If you are not a good hover, Hunter will not surpass you, bring Tide Turner and Borrowed Time to the lineup. The Tide Turner is particularly useful if you need a lot of running time. However, loan time is something veteran players want from others on their rosters.

Body block

DRAW Identity Body Block

Body Block – Use your body to block your teammates. This is a self-defense move that you can use to save your teammates from the Rocket Chair, then quickly run to avoid becoming the Hunter’s next target. However, it can get messy if the partner you just saved is also stuck in that place.

If you manage to get a hit and activate the Tide Turner, run behind your teammates and protect them from further damage. It’s a great way to annoy the Hunter and win the affection of someone you protect at the same time.

Here are some simple tips to help How to play PICTURE identity easier. Share what you’ve done with Download.vn readers Play the PICTURE Identity game How!

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