Grand Theft Auto 6: Release Date and Environment Information

When is GTA 6 coming out? What is interesting in GTA 6? Join for the latest information on Grand Theft Auto 6 Please!

Grand Theft Auto 5 has been around for a long time since September 2013, but it is still popular because of the constant updates of GTA Online. However, that doesn’t mean fans don’t want to hear news about a potential sequel. Grand Theft Auto 6.

More information about GTA 6 has been leaked

  • There is a great dungeon in the story.
  • It's not an open world game, but there is a division system.
  • GTA 6's economy will change over time. Buildings will also change and older cars will become more expensive.

Rockstar elements should not be added to GTA 6

The future cars

Rockstar has added more cars to GTA Online. Most of them are very interesting. However, the Hoverbike Oppressor MK2 is probably the worst - in terms of gameplay and difficulty of building in real life. This hoverbike is compatible with helicopters due to its flight capabilities, and can carry missiles and machine guns.

Many main characters

Talking about the best story of GTA, players still think about the 4th part, San Andreas, also Vice City, but still neglected GTA V. In general, the main character is easier to build. While it was good to understand the background, personalities and motivations of the three characters, it was too long and boring at times.

Instead of creating 3 main characters, Rockstar should focus on highlighting the iconic characters. Apart from GTA 5, all Rockstar games have only one main character.

Free space on the map

GTA 5 Street Robbery has the largest open world map in the series, but many areas lack missions or prominent features. Despite the clear design, which is better than GTA 6, Rockstar must build a more detailed world, although it is a little, but a little detail that the extra space is also interesting.

Above is the information gathered about GTA 6 based on the news and rumors related to it from the president of Rockstar himself. I hope GTA 6 comes out soon and meets the expectations of the players.

Originally posted on August 5, 2022 @ 7:15 pm

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