The best horror game on Roblox

Roblox Horror Game it is very diverse and rich. However, which is the best option for you? Let’s take a look at Roblox games scary worth playing!

The best horror game on Roblox
The best horror game on Roblox

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Roblox is an exciting game development and gaming platform for everyone. In addition to fun games like simulation, matching… Roblox horror games also very popular. Here are the most popular games.

  • Dead Silence
  • criminal mystery 2
  • Mine is a dream
  • Zombie Rush
  • vampire hunter 2
  • Ease of escape
  • The horror elevator
  • Hard stop
  • Bound, a story of death and shadows
  • Dead house
  • Roblox Plague 2
  • apartment
  • imitators
  • The break point
  • alpha bear
  • Lloyd’s house
  • SCP-3008
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    Dead Silence

    The awesome Roblox game Dead Slience

    One of them is Dead Silence The awesome Roblox game the most famous. Join up to 3 friends or explore the terrifying world ahead on your own. Dead Silence is based on the supernatural horror film in 2007. The story is about Jamie Ashen and Lisa who receive a gift from an unknown person. It’s a ventriloquist puppet.

    One day, while Lisa was at home playing with her doll, Billy came to eat. When Billy returns, he finds Lisa dead with her tongue cut out. Inside the doll’s gift box is the inscription “Mary Shaw”, a gynecologist who died in the Raven exhibition. Your mission is to find the mystery of Mary Shaw’s death in Dead Silence.

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    criminal mystery 2

    criminal mystery 2

    Are you a murderer, a sheriff, or an innocent citizen? There is a big difference between these 3 positions in Murder Mystery 2. If you are not innocent, this is a horror game where you have to hide to survive as long as possible. If you are a murderer, your mission is to find as many innocent people as possible. Finally, if you are the sheriff, you have to catch the killer before he kills all the innocent people.

    The content of the game is simple, but it brings a lot of fun, intense action. Especially if you choose to play the role of an innocent person, your chances of becoming the killer also increase.

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    Mine is a dream

    Mine is a dream

    Roblox and Minecraft both provide fertile ground for the player’s imagination to thrive on basic graphics rather than stand out like AAA games. Nightmare Mine bridges the gap between the two by putting multiplayer action into the biggest and scariest mining game ever. You are stuck here with 8 other players. The tunnel workers are gradually turning into zombies. That’s right, they want to eat your brain. All you have to do is find a way out of this place without stopping your brain.

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    Zombie Rush

    Zombie Rush

    Zombie Rush also offers a unique zombie gaming experience. You have tons of weapons to choose from, countless levels to conquer, and endless “waves” of zombie attacks. It is a struggle to survive and you must never give up.

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    vampire hunter 2

    vampire hunter 2

    Speaking of the horror game genre, vampires cannot be ignored. RPG Vampire Hunter 2 is actually very similar to Murder Mystery 2, where vampires are chosen to attack innocent people. As a hero, you must try to find out who the real vampires are and defeat them.

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    Ease of escape

    Ease of escape

    In the Flee facility, you will find a computer terminal and try to unlock challenges that lead to one of two exits. Open the exit, then escape from this scary place. It seems simple, but I forgot to say that one of the 5 players is a monster – Enemies will follow your every move and try to defeat you.

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    The horror elevator

    The horror elevator

    The content behind the game Horror Elevator is very simple. I’m in an elevator in a 30-story building. This place hides all the killers, the horrible monsters of Creepy Pasta. You must destroy them all or continue as far as possible in this area. If you are afraid of scary dreams, this is not the game for you.

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    Hard stop

    Stop!  GOOD

    Another ghost hunter game, Stop It Slender! escape your friends with scary stories and night. Slender Man has become one of the scariest urban ghosts in recent years, and the Roblox game Slender Man perfectly recreates this legendary character. You’ll probably be afraid to find a popular site about it before it finds you. The developers invite you to wear headphones for the best gaming experience. Note that this game is not for the faint of heart.

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    Bound, a story of death and shadows

    Bound, a story of death and shadows

    Bound, a story of death and shadows

    The Game Confined, a story of death and shadows, is about a dream in the dark that many people fear. The game is exactly what the name suggests, but it takes the horror game to a whole new level. If you don’t like horror games, don’t play this game. Always remember to protect yourself or you won’t survive until the end.

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    Dead house

    Dead house

    Dead house

    The interior of Dead House is simple. There are 6 people in 1 house and the virus affects everyone around you in a unique way. Soon, you’ll be running and doing everything you can to not panic. Dead House is scary but very funny. Things may not go your way, but you should always be careful and brave when playing Dead House.

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    Roblox Plague 2

    Roblox Plague 2

    Roblox Plague 2

    In the unofficial sequel to the classic Roblox survival horror The Roblox Plague 2, infectious diseases are the enemy of the season. Basically, an explosive pandemic spreads a dangerous virus everywhere. Some infected will mutate and try to spread the disease to others. You have to find a way to survive and be the last survivor.

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    roblox horror game

    Apartments is a good Roblox horror game. Here, players will discover a large residential building. You have to find your way through the different floors alone or with friends. The moment you enter the building, you will hear tons of strange sounds, mysterious characters and scary threats in every level. The further you delve into the building, the more the horror increases.

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    The Roblox Horror Mimic game

    This is his expression The awesome Roblox game A first-person perspective that you can play with your family and friends. In this multiplayer game, you play as a former high school student who returns to his old school to find his friends. However, things have changed. There are many mazes and monsters. Players need to find the right tools and plan wisely to escape from this scary place.

    Mimic consists of several parts. To unlock the next section, players must find important items on the map. The game features lightning effects, loud noises and scary screams, so it’s not for the faint of heart.

    The controls to play The Mimic are simple: Shift to work on PC, L2 to move fast on Xbox. This Roblox fantasy gaming experience is best when using a headset.

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    The break point

    NOTES Horror games on Roblox, the Breakpoint can be ignored. The game takes on the theme of a mysterious conspiracy.

    Roblox Breaking Point Horror Game

    One of the unique elements of the killer horror genre is that all the players are trapped and things start to get serious. Gradually, hallucinations appear and everyone sees themselves as enemies. You have to play Breaking Point smart or you will soon lose the game.

    However, unlike the usual murder mystery games, Breaking Point has interesting action scenes like gun fights and even knife fights. Play Breaking Point and see if your luck is as strong as your wits!

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    alpha bear

    Roblox Bear Alpha Horror Game

    Roblox horror games Bear Alpha has a very simple game. Play as a killer bear. The main task is to find and kill all other players in 5 minutes. Although Bears move faster than other players, they can prepare weapons for attacks. The environment and design of Bear Alpha is intense. This is one of the best Roblox horror games worth playing with friends.

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    Lloyd’s house

    Lloyd's house

    him The awesome Roblox game Exciting multiplayer for lovers of mysterious and scary stories. The game revolves around Chuck Lloyd, an old rider who is haunted by dreams of his past, so he is very sleep deprived. Lloyd Residence includes 2 games: Lloyd Residence and Chuck’s Basement. If you like finding clues and solving mysteries, this is the right game for you.

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    SCP 3008 in Roblox

    If you are looking for one Awesome Roblox Map, try SCP-3008. The game revolves around SCP-3008, an original IKEA store with infinite space inside. The main objective of the game is to survive while exploring the store. You will be chased and attacked by ferocious creatures called Staff. You have to find food and build a base to protect it.

    SCP-3008 is also known as Perfect Old IKEA. Inspired by a large IKEA retail space that quickly disappeared, SCP-3008 developed a “fever”. Roblox horror games play with a friend. The exit doors in the game are randomly generated, so they are not easy to find. Play with SCP-3008 to see if you can survive there!

  • Above are the best horror games worth playing on Roblox. We hope this article helped you make the right choice for you.

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