Garena Free Fire: The best sensitivity setting for head shots

FF sensitivity It is very important if you want to win. So we will learn How to hack FF .sensitivity For Samsung, Vivo and today’s most popular phones!

Instructions to adjust the sensitivity of the game Free Fire
Instructions to adjust the sensitivity of the game Free Fire

Arguably the best battle royale game today, Free Fire is a name that cannot be forgotten in Vietnam. The game has an excellent character, a weapon and a game system that has improved over time. So, whenever you fight in Free Fire, you won’t get tired. The answer is very important for shooters, and Free Fire is no exception.

What is the sensitivity setting in Free Fire and why is it important?

You may have noticed that movement is limited while playing Free Fire or any FPP/TPP game. Therefore, it is important to adjust the sensitivity of FF. Free Fire allows you to change sensitivity settings to easily improve your gaming experience. In general, the sensitivity of FF is average and you can easily adjust the movement of the game. This move also gives you better response times and accurate head shots when facing your opponent.

Adjust sensitivity for quick headshots in Free Fire

Game player Free fire veterans may already know what to do on sensitivity settings. However, adjust sensitivity for new players Free fire it’s really a problem. First time Free Fire players should take some time to learn everything about the game.

free fire banner game
free fire banner game

If you are looking How to set the best sensitivity in Free Fire See instructions below. The following settings will reduce gun recoil for faster and easier head aim.

Free Fire game sensitivity settings
Free Fire game sensitivity settings

Tips for the best Free Fire sensitivity settings for headshots

During close combat:

  • Total: 90-100
  • Red points: 90
  • Scope 2X: 85
  • Scope 4X: 70 – 80
  • Sniper Circle: 58-60
  • Free views: 67

Long battle

  • Total: 100
  • Red dot: 80
  • 2X target: 70
  • 4X scope: 60
  • Sniper Circle: 52
  • Free views: 58

In low-profile phones

  • Total: 100
  • Red points: 90
  • Scope 2X: 85
  • 4X Coverage: 75
  • Sniper Circle: 68
  • Free views: 64

The following details how to change sensitivity settings in Garena Free Fire

  1. TOMORROW Garena free fire and wait for the main lobby screen to load.
  2. To bring Layouts icon in the upper right corner of the screen.
  3. A new menu will appear. Select the icon Sensitivity on the left side of the screen.
  4. Adjust the settings as suggested above.

In addition to how to hack the sensitivity of Free Fire through the settings, you should also familiarize yourself with the layout of the controls. Customize the FF game management plan to suit your preferences and habits. Professional players often use 3 or 4 finger scroll settings to easily use in-game gestures and shoot accurate headers. You need to put the joystick, the center of the shot and the fire button in the forehand position so that you can touch when you want to hit the head of your opponent.

Free Fire keyboard layout
Free Fire keyboard layout

In addition, the clarity of the buttons on the top also affects the game. Experienced players often lower the transparency of the Garena Free Fire control buttons to better detect enemies. However, you have to be sure to remember its location.

Tips for getting an effective one-touch lead

After applying the above settings, players may need to slightly modify their game to accommodate the sensitivity of their device.

For one-touch headshots, your weapon should always have a range for long-range combat. You need a gun that can hit the head in one hit at close range.

Adjust FF sensitivity for effective headshots
Adjust FF sensitivity for effective headshots

Long battle

After finding an enemy, the player must aim, open ADS (Aiming Display) and tap the fire button. Immediately after opening the ADS, the automatic aim function aims at the center of the enemy. The main thing to remember is not to hold the fire button for a long time.

After 1 shot, this process must be repeated continuously 2-3 times. After hitting twice, drag the lens (slasher) over the enemy’s head to shoot from the head.

Close combat

The rifle is an indispensable weapon in this battle. The player must be in a close position so that the weapon can do the most damage to the enemy. Then aim to hit his head and press the fire button.

Choose the right weapon

You also need the right weapon to pull off a standard headshot. Every weapon in FF has its own stats, so there are different strengths. If you choose the right weapon, you can kill the enemy with a single shot. The criteria to consider when choosing a headshot weapon are range and damage.

Recommend the best head guns in Free Fire


The M14 is a long-range weapon with an accurate shooting index of: 57. Players can easily pick off enemies even at a distance with the excellent long-range shooting ability of this FF weapon.

In addition, the overall damage of the weapon is also impressive and does a lot of damage to the enemy.


The Groza is one of the most powerful assault rifles in Free Fire. Accuracy 54, sustained damage: 61. With this stat, Groza is an ideal choice for mid to long fights, giving him tactical flexibility.


This list wouldn’t be complete without the ultimate sniper rifle: the AWM. With high damage and accuracy up to 90, this weapon can destroy armored enemies in one hit. The AWM is a real killing machine when equipped for skilled snipers. With the help of this weapon, you can win many matches in Free Fire.

Free Fire is an exciting survival shooter where only one person can survive until the last minute. Therefore, sensitivity becomes more important when shooting. if FF.sensitivity adjustment The more accurate you are in the headers, the better your chances of winning. Hoping to offer Free focus sensitivity adjustment Go to this useful article for you.

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