Synthesis of code and how to enter the gift code Ky Ve Hospital

Many codes Great Hospital game players as new players. After entering the code, you can continue to enter the Incredible Hospital gift code to receive rewards as you prepare to build your own virtual hospital. The Amazing Hospital simulation game is of great interest to the players, follow the instructions below to prepare for the next exciting missions in the Amazing Hospital.

Summary of reward code for the game Miracle Hospital

The situation PASSWORD
New bvkt3006
New bvkt666
New bvkt888
New bvkt999

Instructions for entering the code for the game Mobile Hospital

Step 1:

Click the icon on the main interface collection.

Hospital Mobile unique game interface
Hospital Mobile unique game interface

Step 2:

Then press the select button Layouts continue with the task of entering the game code.

Click Settings on the image
Click Settings on the image

Step 3:

Then we press the button Exchange gifts.

Amazing Mobile Hospital
Amazing Mobile Hospital

Step 4:

Enter one of the codes above and press the button Buy now.

Gift received successfully
Gift received successfully

Step 5:

All the gifts I have received now will be displayed on the screen, touch the button To test the buy gifts.

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