Among us: Exciting game modes

Between us There are many interesting game modes that many people have not discovered. Let summarize all the good game mods Between us Please!

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Exciting game modes in Among Us

  • 1. Panic mode
  • 2. Turn off with daylight mode
  • 3. The fifth method is sufficient
  • 4. His way of killing
  • 5. Hide and seek mode – Hide and seek

1. Panic mode

Panic mode among us

One of the most interesting game modes among us is Crazy Mode. It is almost different from other teams, so there is no need to fake yourself. Here are the general rules and settings for Panic Among Us Mode.

General rules

  • Wait 30 seconds at the start of the round for the crew to complete their mission before killing the astronauts.
  • Just sabotage the intercom and the lights.
  • Do not report the status as a scam.
  • Emulators can also use Vent kill in this way.
  • Avoid looking at lights or communication systems.
  • Do not report dead bodies.
  • Do not call 911.
  • When you are in a group chat, do not say the name of the fake person when he is killed and played as a ghost.
  • Don’t choose anyone.
  • In principle, a group of astronauts can create and complete tasks only to oppose the plans of a group of rogues. All team members must prepare a good battle plan before the game starts.

Recommended settings for crazy mode

  • Cheats: 1-2 (8+ players in the lobby)
  • Output confirmation: None
  • Single meeting: 0
  • Unidentified voice: Nothing
  • Discussion time: 15 seconds
  • Voting time: 15 seconds
  • Player speed: 1.0x
  • Equipment vision: 0.25x
  • View of betrayal: 0.5x
  • Kill Cooldown: 20 seconds
  • Kill Range: Short
  • Visual task: Turn off
  • General activities: 1
  • Term of office: 2
  • Brief activity: 3

Of course, these parameters can be changed according to the needs of the team. One of the highlights of Insane mode is the fast and mysterious counter and timer. This makes the game more interesting when you meet everyone in the room again.

2. Turn off with daylight mode

Turn off with Daylight Mode Among Us

When you play Between Us, you can change the game from time to time. Try Dead By Daylight mode now. In this way, the rogues are immersed in deadly combat with almost no vision, no report, and a crew with speed and survivability capabilities. Interesting, right?

General rules

  • The astronaut team must be careful about the fake teams in the game.
  • Before starting the game, the rogue team must stand and wait for the countdown to the starting point in the lobby to reach a certain time, and the crew must use a few seconds to start completing the mission as quickly as possible . .the body.
  • The rogue team was only allowed to destroy the media room and turn off the lights at the beginning.
  • The crew could not repair the lights or the communication room due to vandalism.
  • It is not possible to report dead bodies in the game.
  • No Uninvited Emergency Meeting Room.
  • A team of astronauts must complete all tasks to win the game against a traitor who will kill the entire team.
  • You need people willing to follow these rules, make sure you start when they play the way you want.

Recommended settings for daily backup mode

  • Player speed – 2x
  • Seen by crew – 5x
  • Vision of tricksters – 0.25x
  • Killing Cooldown – 10 seconds
  • Kill Range – Short
  • Visual Task – None
  • general task – 2
  • high task – 2

What makes this mode special is the killing and the excitement of trying to win before all the astronauts fall. Set the kill timer as low as possible, increase the speed and destroy the bait. Call your friends, turn on the scary music and win the fastest.

3. The fifth method is sufficient

Between us.  Five ways are enough

Imagine if you had to sum it all up in 5 words, could you? Ask questions and answer in 5 words – This is the Small Chat mode between us. Also, you don’t need to change many game settings compared to other modes.

General rules

  • Cheats can destroy the entire map.
  • Astronauts can repair damaged areas.
  • Astronauts can report dead bodies and hold emergency meetings.
  • Ghosts don’t talk.
  • After the meeting (emergency or report) the players are allowed to have no more than 5 words in the game.
  • Whether it’s SMS or voice chat, players are only allowed to speak 5 words. If a player is still alive after 5 rounds of talking, they can speak one more word per turn.

The recommended setting for five modes is sufficient

  • Extraordinary meeting: 1
  • Player speed: 1.5x
  • Equipment view: 1.0x
  • Cheats Review: 1.0x
  • Kill Cooldown: 40 seconds
  • Kill Range: Short
  • Visual task: Hon
  • General obligations: 2
  • High duty: 2
  • Brief activity: 4

4. His way of killing

Crime Mod written between us

Among Us, The Crime He Wrote brings a different twist to the other “cat and mouse” game modes in Among Us. While not the most exciting mode, this challenge is definitely fun and entertaining.

General rules

  • Scammers need to know other members.
  • After starting the game, pretend you are on a quest.
  • The person who reported the body is the only person who can speak after reporting.
  • This mode only changes the way players interact with other people.

Recommended settings for Murder She Write mode

  • Extraordinary meeting: 1
  • Player speed: 1.5x
  • Equipment view: 1.0x
  • Cheats Review: 1.0x
  • Kill Cooldown: 30 seconds
  • Kill Range: Short
  • Visual task: Hon
  • General obligations: 2
  • High duty: 3
  • Short activity: 5

5. Hide and seek mode – Hide and seek

Hide and seek mode among us

This is one of the ways that makes Among Us interesting and fresh after every game.

General rules

  • There are simple tasks.
  • The scammer opens an emergency session and introduces himself.
  • Then the bastards start counting, and the astronauts protect the ship.
  • After the countdown, the lights go out and the hunt begins.
  • Don’t worry about the first bulb. The game ends when either the killer or the crew completes the mission.
  • In addition to this, the game has astronauts and a hunter timer to find everything.
  • One of the main points of this method is that the traitor must have the worst vision compared to others.

Recommended settings for hide and seek mode

  • Scammers: 1
  • Extraordinary meeting: 1
  • Player speed: 1.5x – 3x
  • Equipment view: 2x – 5x
  • Fraudulent prospect: 0.25x
  • Kill Cooldown: 15 seconds
  • Kill Range: Short
  • Assignment: 6 to 9

A special game mode that is popular among us

Joking mode

The game starts with 1 player as the Jester. This is a character that will behave suspiciously to be chosen and win the game. This makes the game difficult because if Jester is on the suspect list, the impostor can kill him. Of course, Jester will lose.

Frozen tags

Freeze Tag is another customizable game mode that allows players to bring back their childhood games. Freeze Tag identifies one of the contestants as a fake. When he tags other players, they freeze. Only his friends can help him out of this situation. The entire Between Us mode revolves around freezing and freeing frozen players.


Among Us – Zombie Mode is very similar to Freeze Tag. Fakes also “tag” other players, but instead of freezing, they turn into zombies. Players participating in Zombies Among Us mode must complete tasks before they all become zombies.

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