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Roblox game Nico’s Nextbots There are many different bots. That’s it List of all Nextbots Nico bots.

Bots in the game Nicos Nextbots

Next came Nico This is the latest horror game inspired by Nextbot to create “madness” in Roblox. In this horror arena, you have to face many different bots with unique backgrounds and sounds.

List of bots in the game Nico’s Nextbots on Roblox

There are currently 21 bots in Nico’s Nextbots, including:

  • boiling
  • Patrick Bateman
  • Nerd Emojis
  • iShowSpeed
  • Ahenobarbus Henocied
  • Where is Dingle?
  • Yoshie
  • Selene Delgado Lopez
  • Business 666
  • Sanic
  • This man (Dream Man)
  • SpongeBob
  • Speaker
  • Freddy Mug
  • Claude
  • Stage 22
  • the workers
  • Laurel (taken from the game)
  • Cartman
  • Roblox PNG
  • stupid

What you need to know about the bots in Nico’s Nextbots game


Flower by Nicos Nextbots

Obunga is a heavy voiced meme impersonating Barack Obama. It’s a long shot, but it fits perfectly as a bot in Nextbot-style games. Fun audio clip abounds. It’s vocal parody, then beatboxing.

Patrick Bateman

Patrick Bateman is a fictional character from the classic film American Psycho. Its popularity has grown in recent years, giving birth to many new jokes and memes. The voice of Patrick Bateman, who played Nicos Nextbots, was taken from the film.

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Nerd Emojis

Nerd Emoji is an emoji for iPhone – the symbol of a leech man wearing glasses, but with 3D in the game.

This meme is often used to make fun of fanboys who pretend to know everything and often argue about rappers.


iShowSpeed ​​​​​​​​​​​​​is a popular YouTuber since 2020. Currently, he has millions of followers who continue forever in the world of memes.

Ahenobarbus Henocied

Ahenobarbus Henocied

Ahenobarbus Henocied is a nickname for an edited image of a Japanese Ichimatsu doll with big red eyes and a bloody mouth. This image became famous after it was used by the Facebook account Ahenobarbus Henocied.

Where is Dingle?

Quandale Dingle is a high school football player who became famous after sharing a photo of his jersey. After that, the photo was edited and became a legendary internet meme. The voice of Quandale Dingle in Nico Nextbot is the voice of a man who appears to be confessing to a crime.


Yoshie is the protagonist of the horror game Death Forest on PC. He became an internet meme icon as well as a bot in Nico’s Nextbots.

Selene Delgado Lopez

Selene Delgado Lopez is a Nextbot based on mysterious and disturbing disappearances in the late 90s.

According to the TV channel, Selene Delgado Lopez (18 years old) disappeared on April 22 (year unknown) in the municipality of Lvaro Obregon of Mexico City.

Business 666

Entity 666 is designed for malicious .exe files, and they have the ability to disguise many utility files, video games and look in physical form.


Sanic’s terrible plan for Sonic the Hedgehog. This is an old internet meme that now appears as Nextbot in the game Nico’s Nextbot.

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Sanic Sound is a clip from the fast-paced original Sonic game soundtrack.

This man (Dream Man)

This man is a legend on the Internet with his rotten and scary looks. Many say that at least 2000 people around the world have seen this Man in their dreams since January 2006.



Based on the character SpongeBob from the cartoon of the same name, SpongeBob has been a hit internet meme for years.


The Speaker is a horror character based on the movie The Grudge.

Freddy Mug

The Freddy Mug is just a mug in the shape of Freddy Fazbear from the popular computer game Five Nights at Freddy’s.


Claude is an amazing crab hat.

Phase 22 or Unknown

Phase 22 or one of the Lords Unknown. It’s great to be great on YouTube. The original image is an edited version of a screenshot of a “barber grape” with a pair of scary teeth sticking out of the pan.

Blanket Cotie

Cootie is the first animated Nextbot and is said to represent an ugly blanket filled with food and other baby supplies.


Laurel is kicked out of Nico’s Nextbots for impersonating a real corpse. The developers took this to prevent their product from being banned on Roblox.

Mermaid Carter

The Carter was based on the Carter Siren system used by the British during the war to warn people when a bomb was about to explode.

Roblox PNG

Broken Roblxo PNG makes fun of the company for only allowing registered partners to use it.


The Idiot was the first Internet web troll to open browser scripts. Clone hundreds of windows at once while calling yourself an idiot.

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