All Goose Goose Duck character roles

How to play Goose Goose Duck It is compared to an improved version of Among Us, better and more interesting. You have to know the meaning while playing His role in Goose Goose Duck.

The game Goose Goose Duck plays an interesting character
The game Goose Goose Duck plays an interesting character

Duck goose is an exciting multiplayer action game. It is considered a creative mix between Werewolf and Among Us. In the playground Duck goose, you and a group of other geese must work together to complete the mission. That’s why unity is so important in this game. On the other hand, you also need to watch out for suspicious people or other strange birds while completing the tasks. They can infiltrate your team and do everything to prevent you from winning.

Goose Goose Duck Highlights:

  • Two rooms: private and public
  • In-game voice chat and private lobby chat options.
  • Lots of beauty accessories for characters like hats, shirts, pets…
  • Accessory manufacturing.
  • 5+ different maps and game modes.
  • 30+ supporting roles.

Some of us, Duck goose it puts you in the role of goose and duck. Both of these character lines have rogues who specialize in subversion. But each character plays a different role. Let’s find out with His role in Goose Goose Duck Please!

The role of the character in the game Goose Goose Duck

Main card

  • duck – Usually, “Among Us” players are like traitors. If you are chosen to play this role, you must kill all the geese to win.
  • swan – This behavior is similar to the astronauts among us. All players in the role of geese must work together to identify and eliminate the duck and complete all the tasks to win.

Special paper

  • Killer Duck (Killer Duck) – If you correctly guess someone’s role in a meeting, you will destroy them. Otherwise, if you guessed wrong, you die.
  • Gas monitor – Can see through walls, but has limited vision.
  • canadian goose – If someone kills you, you will automatically ask to see your body.
  • Cannibal Duck – You can eat corpses once per game to hide.
  • Detective Swan (Detective Swan) – You can survey players once per game to see if they have killed anyone.
  • dodo – If you are rejected, you win, so try to be suspicious.
  • Falcon – Always skip autovoting. You win by being the last one standing, and you lose only if the duck is destroyed or if you are still alive, Goose completes all the missions.
  • Goose sauce – The bonus will increase when you complete the mission. Otherwise, your killer will get the money.
  • Goose/duck lovers – If you and your lover are survivors, you both win.
  • Mechanical gas – An air blower can be used.
  • Medium gas – Ghosts appear at any time.
  • Mimic Goose (Mimic Goose) – Ducks see geese as their own kind.
  • Morphling Duck – The duck is disguised as another character.
  • doves – Spread the disease to every player until the game is won.
  • Professional duck – You can’t signal the corpses, the geese don’t see that you killed people. When approaching a dead body, this duck will automatically report the event.
  • Sheriff Gaz – You can kill anyone, but if you kill the goose, you die.
  • smoked duck – You can mute other players in the meeting.
  • Snoop Goose (Sneaky Swan) – It can be hidden in any corner.
  • Spy Duck (Spy Duck) – If you are the only person in the meeting to vote to disqualify someone, you know their role.
  • Technical gas – It is almost possible to find the location of the aggressor.
  • Gas warning – Can kill players without consequences.
  • Akbalik – Your goal is to eat the carcass of the killed goose.
  • Adventure gas – You cannot die in this environment.
  • Avenging Goose – If you witness the killing of another Gas, you can temporarily kill the killer.
  • Gas protection – You are tasked with protecting other players. If you stand between them and the assassins, you will die and receive your reward.
  • Famous Gas – Notify your teammates when you die.
  • Duck Shredder – Pick up bombs to trap other players.
  • Duel Dodos – If another Dodo is killed in the game, you win if you “choose” to delete it. If they are still alive, you can complete the quest by killing the other Dodos.
  • killer duck – Gives you a reward after every kill.
  • The identity theft duck – If you kill someone, you will become until a battle occurs.
  • Lock Gas – The prison door can be opened at any time.
  • Mortuary goose – Examine the corpses to determine their role.
  • Ninja Duck – You can kill 2 people at close range.
  • festive duck – You voted for the player in the meeting.

Here is the list All documents about geese and ducks in Goose Goose Duck. We hope the article is useful for you.

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