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An unknown treasure under the influence of Genshin it contains many valuable items that players should not ignore. That’s it Where and how to use the Unknown Treasure in Genshin Impact.

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Genshin Impact is one of the best gacha games in the video game market today. The game has beautiful anime graphics, interesting characters with impressive power tools that match each item. In Genshin Impact, players will control a character who will travel across countries while completing various missions, including hunting for unknown treasures.

The Unknown Treasure is no ordinary quest in Genshin Impact. Stories can’t get there. Only found in the Journal. Although difficult to find, completing this hidden quest is not only fun, but also provides a valuable reward.

In Genshin Impact, there are 3 unknown treasures located in different places on the map. If you don’t know how to get it An unknown treasure of Genshin Impact. See instructions below.

An unknown treasure under the influence of Genshin

The location of the unknown treasure in Genshin Impact

  • Guan, God of law
  • It’s only Sunday
  • Port of Thanh Huu Pelabuhan

Guan, God of law

The first unnamed treasure in Genshin Impact can be found at the Gate of Divine Law. To get to this place, you need the help of nearby NPC hostages. You will find this NPC West of Luat Guan in a cage surrounded by enemies. Defeat it to open the nearest inventory and take the key to open the inner cage. If the NPC rescue is successful, this character will tell you the location of the treasure.

It’s only Sunday

The next place to find the unknown treasure of Genshin Impact is Mr. Ngoc Lang. It is under water, so you need to dry the area before proceeding. To complete the task, you need to light 4 torches with the skill Fire – Pyro or simply shoot arrows with the Amber bow. Some of the torches are so well hidden that you have to look around to light them all. Then activate the Earth element to lower the water level, then enter the lake. You will see 3 ghosts here. You have to take each one to the designated place. This will reduce the force field protecting the unknown treasure chest in Genshin Impact.

The effect on Genshin's wealth is unknown

Torch locations to be lit during Jade Week:

  • Next to the pillar stone of Geo.
  • On the tall stone pillar next to the pillar of Geo.
  • Under the water.
  • The last torch can be found by jumping to the square in the middle of the ruins. Go back to the lake and you’ll see a torch at the top of the stairs.

Port of Thanh Huu Pelabuhan

Thanh Hu Harbor contains the unknown treasures of Genshin Impact

The last unknown treasure of Genshin Impact is located at the mouth of the Thanh Hu sea. In the middle of Thanh Hu Sea there is a talking post that will tell you the location of 5 Earth element markers that you should visit. 5 places with signs of the Earth element at the mouth of Thanh Hu:

  • In the middle of the sea (between 2 small pillars) there is a sign on the edge of a stone pedestal.
  • The four remaining seals are under the roofs of the stone buildings. Note that although most of them can be seen directly under the roof of the building, the second tallest building has the symbol of Earth 1 floor below.

After breaking all 5 seals, the last treasure will appear near the stela.

Sacrifice to sell the unknown wealth of Genshin Impact

What is the unknown treasure in Genshin Impact for?

Genshin Impact players can sell unknown treasure to the Hy Co Cu shop owner – Craft for Mora. This store is only open after 9pm. So, when this time approaches, you need to increase your speed!

Note that players cannot sell unknown treasures individually. You must have 3 treasures in your inventory before doing this step.

Selling unknown treasures gives players the following rewards:

  • 350 Adventure EXP
  • 40 Primogem
  • 100,000 Mora

3 above Unknown treasure location in Genshin Impact. We hope this article helped you overcome this treasure more easily.

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