Roblox: Summary of Gift Codes and How to Enter Food Simulator Code

Food simulator how to eat more is an interesting Roblox game that has attracted the attention of many players with its simple and fun content. The next article will summarize how to enter Dining Simulator codes to help you earn reward codes and more rewards in the game.


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Roblox: Summary of Gift Codes and How to Enter Food Simulator Code

Gift Code Food Simulator

Here are some Dining Simulator codes that you can use regularly to get in-game rewards. Note that each code can only be used once per 1 account and must be entered correctly with uppercase, lowercase letters, numbers and special characters.

  • BURGER 700 KZK – Get free coins and food rewards (recent)
  • Gingerbread 675K – Get 57,000 coins and 56,000 food rewards
  • Christmas 625 KZK – Get 56,000 coins and 55,000 food rewards
  • HALF 500K – Exchange 52,000 coins and 51,000 food
  • GG475K – Exchange 51,000 Coins and 50,000 Food
  • INSANE PET 450K CZK – Get 49,000 Food, 50,000 Coins and Crazy Pet prizes
  • MILESONE 600K CZK – Get 55,000 coins and 54,000 food rewards
  • SECRET CODE 575K – Get 54,000 coins and 53,000 food rewards
  • PETREWARD 530K – Reward of 53,000 coins, 52,000 Food and a Pet of a Great Demon King
  • GODLYPET 400K CZK – Get rewards of 45,000 Food, 46,000 Coins and Lightning Crush Pets
  • 375K FREE – Get rewards of 44,000 Food and 45,000 Coins
  • GETBIGTODAY 350K CZK – Get a reward of 42,000 Food and 43,000 Coins
  • EAT 320K – Get a reward of 40,000 Food and 41,500 Coins
  • THANK YOU 300K – Earn a reward of 38,000 Food and 40,000 Coins
  • Very close to 290KReward 31,000 Food and 36,000 Coins
  • POWER SUPPLY 280K – Get rewards of 29,000 Food and 34,000 Coins
  • SOMECOINS 270K – Get a reward of 28,000 Food and 33,000 Coins
  • LIVE EVENT 260K – Get a reward of 27,000 Food and 31,500 Coins
  • BIGMILESTONE 250K – Win a reward of 25,500 Food and 30,000 Coins
  • OPCODE 240K – Get a reward of 24,000 Food and 27,500 Coins
  • GETFATNOW 230K – Get rewards of 23,500 Food and 26,000 Coins
  • COINSBOOST 220K CZK – Get free food and coin rewards
  • FATBOOST 210K – Get free food and coin rewards
  • FREE PET200K – Buy Mythic Pet rewards, Food and coins
  • About 190K – Get free food and coin rewards
  • BIGFAT 180K – Get free food and coin rewards
  • FAT 170K – Get free food and coin rewards
  • 140K LINES – Get free food and coin prizes
  • THANK YOU 130K – Get free food and coin rewards
  • MUSIC 120K CZK – Get free food and coin rewards
  • EXCELLENT 110K CZK – Get free food and coin rewards
  • MAKE A HUGE 100K – Get free food and coin rewards
  • REAL HYPE 90K – Get a reward of 5500 Coins and 4300 Food
  • FATNECK 80K – Get free food and coin rewards
  • BIGBELLY 70K CZK – Get free food and coin rewards
  • OMG60K – Get a reward of 2600 Food and 3600 Coins
  • CRAZY 50K – Get a reward of 2100 Food and 3000 Coins
  • FREEFAT 40K – Get a reward of 1600 food and 500 coins
  • CRAZY 30K – Get a bonus of 1200 Food and 1900 coins
  • 20K THANK YOU – Get 900 free Food and Coin rewards
  • SUMMER 10KCK – Get Bonus 600 Free Food and coins
  • APART – Get 100 food rewards

How to enter the code in Food Simulator

Follow these steps to enter the Dining Simulator code:

  • Step 1: Enter Roblox and select the Food Simulator game in the list of games.
  • Step 2: In the main interface of the game, click on the Code button on the right side of the screen.
  • Step 3: Enter the correct code in the box Paste the code here then click on the Redeem button.

After successfully entering the code, the reward will be sent directly to the player’s Feeding Simulator account. If you have not received a gift, you have entered the code or the code has expired.

Good luck and see you in the next post!

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