The Fall Guys tips you need to know to survive the craziest races

autumn officially free to play on all platforms. If you also like this game, you should know Autumn tips for men here.

autumn Its full name is Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout, it caused a “storm” after its launch thanks to its unique muddy survival game with very nice graphics and characters. This is a big difference from battle royale games like PUBG, Free Fire, Valorant.

It’s great that the developers decided to make Fall Guys “free” for everyone. If you are new to this game, autumnThe following tips will help you.

How to play Fall Guys

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Fall Guys: Top Knockout Tips

  • Learn to fail and fail
  • Sometimes slowly
  • Broaden your horizons
  • Take advantage of the opportunity for fair defense
  • Let others make mistakes for you
  • Identifying difficult patterns is key

Learn to fail and fail

Don’t let the first failure stop you from continuing to play Fall Guys.

Almost everyone who starts playing this game first will be disqualified for picking inaccessible nuts while going through narrow corridors or alleys. If you stop demanding perfection from your character, you will easily pass the level and rise to the top.

How to play Fall Guys

Sometimes slowly

The desire to be on top, the attractive colors of the Fall Guys character and the fast registration will make you think that you have to work hard. However, this only gets you into trouble. For example, in the See Saw level, you have to backtrack a bit, because the path will be full of “Fall Guy” beans.

With so many players, one side cannot go through the saw blade. No matter how fast you run, this mission is very dangerous. By retreating and changing lanes, you and other Fall Guys and Fall Gals can rebalance the crowd and successfully overcome challenges.

Similarly, in Hit Parade and The Whirlygig, you have to time it correctly to avoid a dangerous area and know when to wait for a giant object to pass.

Strategy of the Fallen People

Broaden your horizons

On the PC, the precise control of the console and the mouse is your “best friend” in Fall Guys, because knowing what is happening with your Fall Guy character is important. Not only in the race level, you can also see how others fall and fall, which is especially necessary in the Perfect Match level.

In the survival challenge – Survival mode, you need to pay attention to all the steps around the top and the bottom, because each step is related to a fruit (but it is only shown briefly). If you rotate the camera to see more steps, you can get a better idea of ​​where you are going.

Also, expanding your vision will also help you know where other players are running, because your teammates sometimes don’t remember all the places. It’s just a matter of expanding the camera angle, tracking teammates and opponents.

Take advantage of the right defense opportunities

Team mode level autumn usually the hardest, but you can help your teammates win if you don’t need more points.

Yes, games like Egg Scramble & Hoarders often ask you to get all the eggs or try to steal a giant balloon from the other team, but that can change when it comes to the “end”.

When you act well with a good boss, you know it’s not over. Instead, use this time to prevent the other team from stealing eggs and balls from your “court”. With fewer defenders and higher positions, you can find fault on offense. Like Fall Ball (also known as Fall Guys Rocket League) where you don’t want to leave an open goal at the end of the game.

How to play Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout for quick wins

Let others make mistakes for you

A lot of Fall Guys levels use things that you don’t know because you’re a new player at the time or it’s a hidden move in the game.

The most difficult stage in Fall Guys is Doorstone – a race full of doors that you have to go through, especially since some of them cannot be broken at all when running.

So stay close to the group, but not ahead, instead of taking risks in search of opportunities. Someone else will do this for you, helping you distinguish between fake and real doors. Then you will find the best way. Watching and learning is the best way to get through the difficulty levels Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout.

Identifying difficult patterns is key

Gate Crash is one of the hardest levels to clear because choosing the right portal is not easy. To complete this level, you must try to go down and pass through a series of doors that stop. Each door has its own rhythm of opening and closing. If you think the next series of portals will work the same way, it’s easy to catch. If you can’t hit the portal when you want, don’t rush to another portal right away. Wait at the landing gate. Otherwise, you’ll get into a loop of climbing portals and get lost.

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