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PUBG cosmic character How did the name come about? If you don’t know, apply How to make a room in PUBG a special character in the following names.

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If you often play games on your phone, you’ve probably heard of the survival shooter genre – battle royale. It is one of the most popular games on mobile devices because of its fun gameplay and effective stress relief.

It is not difficult to find battle royale games like Free Fire, Valorant Mobile, Fortnite in the app store… However, when it comes to the “pioneers” of this genre, it is definitely PUBG Mobile. This is the mobile version of the game that started the evolution of the survival shooter genre.

Although not as popular as Free Fire, PUBG Mobile still has its place. Download PUBG Mobile, you can do it alone or invite your friends to join the exciting and unpredictable arena of life and death directly on Android or iOS. Lots of new content added to PUBG Mobile after every major update. In particular, recently, the developer has also actively collaborated with celebrities such as BLACKPINK or “blockbuster” film King Kong to bring new experiences to players.

In addition to the interesting game, you can customize many factors, from the clothing of the characters to the weapons and even the name of the game. You can apply any good PUBG name or nickname you want in, especially you can add blank characters.

Some PUBG Mobile players cannot add special characters to their nicknames because they are considered invalid. However, you can follow the procedure below by name PUBG Mobile cosmic character.

How to create spaces in PUBG names

  • Add spaces with characters
  • Copy space for another player
  • Create characters with spaces from the web or third-party software

Add spaces with characters

  1. Select the item to rename in PUBG Mobile.
  2. Enter the name of the character you want in the appropriate field until you want to add a space.
  3. Now hold down and type the symbol I on the phone’s keyboard and hold it for a while, an empty space will appear. Example: WASHĪHĪUĪL RAHU can be L. This is the easiest way to create free characters in PUBG Mobile.

Copy space for another player

Give PUBG a good name

This is a traditional but effective way to name PUBG Mobile. When you play PUBG Mobile, you can easily find many players with spaces between characters for their names. If they are not yet on your friends list, you need to send a friend request to access their profile later. You can also copy the names of the players above the leaderboard like this:

  1. Open the partition Evaluation In PUBG Mobile.
  2. Scroll down to find the leader with the space symbol.
  3. Select a player and view their profile information.
  4. Copy the person’s nickname.
  5. Select the Rename item and paste the text in the appropriate field.
  6. Edit the name, but remember to remember the space notation. If you don’t want to delete it, you need to paste the copied text again to get the space characters back.
  7. Check the name carefully before confirming the change. You can no longer see the error The name contains invalid characters.

Create characters with spaces from the web or third-party software

With the help of icon maker app, you can create the most unique and impressive nicknames ever in PUBG Mobile in a very simple way.

This tutorial for creating space characters in PUBG takes the example of the Text Font Generator app. Here are the next details:

Step 1: Download Text Font Maker on Google Play Store.

PUBG name generator program with spaces

Step 2: Open the app, go to Symbols. Here you will find a large collection of icons to choose from.

Step 3: To rename a PUBG Mobile game, tap the desired icon to copy and paste.

Note that not all icons in this app are supported by PUBG Mobile. However, most alphabetic characters can be used to change the name of PUBG.

Tip: By changing the language available on the smartphone keyboard, you can use different Chinese, Japanese or Korean text characters to create a more effective game name.

Change the language of the Android keyboard

All you have to do is enable writing in another language in Settings – Menu Settings. You can then experiment with characters from different languages ​​to style your username to your liking.

With Text Font Generator, you also have various web options to support its creation PUBG white character some even add special characters. You can find more detailed instructions: How to change the name of the character using the special icon in PUBG Mobile on

Here are some How to name PUBG Mobile with spaces. We hope the article is useful for you.

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