How to play Minecraft with friends

How to play Minecraft with friends it is very simple. will summarize it for you all A common way to play Minecraft with the person you want.

How to play Minecraft with friends

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Minecraft is a game of exploration and construction in a large open world. Basically, the play of this game is unlimited. You are free to create everything, experience the game in different ways. You can play Minecraft alone or with friends.

Minecraft is fun to play alone, but it’s even more fun to play with friends. If you don’t know how to make friends in Minecraft, don’t worry, the guide below will help you do it very easily.

In fact, you have many ways to play with your friends in Minecraft PC. Except for some methods that require an Internet connection, you can always play Minecraft offline in the same room as your family and friends.

Note: The instructions below are for Minecraft Java Edition (JE) and Minecraft Bedrock Edition (BE).

How to play Minecraft with friends

  • Play Minecraft with friends through public servers
    • Minecraft Java Edition
    • Minecraft Bedrock Edition
  • Play Minecraft with friends on a private server
  • Easily play Minecraft with your friends using Realms
    • How to create nature in Minecraft
    • How to join the world of Minecraft

Play Minecraft with friends through public servers

Minecraft Java Edition

Minecraft Java Edition

Public servers are used by most Minecraft Java players to connect with each other. All these servers are free to join. You can find it using any server list site like Just type Minecraft Server into your web browser to see more results.

How to connect to the Minecraft server:

  1. Copy the IP address of the server you want to monitor.
  2. Go to the screen Multiplayerr in the Minecraft client. rush Add a server o Direct contact.
  3. Paste the IP address into the box Address of the server.
  4. If you choose Add a server Enter the server name in step 3 and click It’s finishedthen double click the server in your list or select and click Connect to the server. If you choose Direct contactrush Connect to the server.

Minecraft Bedrock Edition

Minecraft BE servers

Although it is a smaller Java version, Minecraft Bedrock Edition also has public servers that you can follow to play Minecraft with your friends.

  1. TOMORROW Minecraft BE. rush To play and go to tab The servants.
  2. You can choose from a list Selected Servers it has multiplayer and includes many modes like Skywars, Build Battle…
  3. You can also add another server by clicking Add a server.
  4. Enter the server name, address IP the doors click Keep up to maintain this server.

Play Minecraft with friends on a private server

If your friend runs a private server from his own PC or from a third-party hosting service, you need to copy and paste his IP address as a public server.

How to find the IP address of the Minecraft Server

If you want to join a private or public server with thousands of other players, you need to find the IP address of that server. Don’t worry, finding the IP address of the Minecraft Server is easy.

For private servers

The easiest way to play Minecraft PC with friends is to directly ask for their IP, then you need to follow the instructions below.

If you have purchased a server hosted by a third party, you can always find the IP address by checking the dashboard page of your site or email after completing your payment.

If you are running the server on a PC, you have two options to connect via LAN or Internet.

For public servants

Finding the IP address is simpler. You can find the list online. Mootj has some great servers, worth trying as you will be listed in this article.

Once you have the address you want, copy it to the clipboard (Ctrl + C on Windows and Cmd + C on Mac) and jump to the next section to learn what to do.

How to play Minecraft PE from another network through a private server

Once you have the IP address of the server you want to track, open Minecraft and go to the multiplayer screen. Here you have 2 options to connect to the server. Click if you know you want to return to this server Add a server so you can save it in the list.

Use it if you are trying to access some Minecraft servers Direct contact so it does not appear in the list.

Another way is to paste the IP address you copied into the box Address of the server.

with Direct contact, click Connect to Server. If it is used Add a serverClick Done, then open a server from your list by double-clicking the server or selecting it, then click Connect to the server.

Some of the Minecraft servers are worth trying to play with friends:

  • Hypixel (IP: Hypixel has been popular for a long time for many reasons. You can play different mini games from Blitz Survival Games to Mega Walls or Murder Mystery.
  • UniverseMC (IP: UniverseMC has a Faction mode that makes you want to play Minecraft every day. It is really “addictive”. KitPVP is also a great way to improve your combat skills.
  • Snapcraft (IP: We probably spent a lot of time playing Snapcraft Prison mode. If you’re not interested in climbing the dungeon ranks, try Parkour.
  • DestinyMC (IP: Skyblock mode in Destiny MC offers exciting adventures. Every square block is precious here.
  • RealismTown (IP: RealismTown is an escape from it all. A simple survival server with customizable plugins, a changing economy and friendly faces.

Easily play Minecraft with your friends using Realms

Realms works with Minecraft Bedrock Edition and Minecraft Java Edition, although they are not cross-platform compatible. (Minecraft Java Edition friends cannot access the Kingdom of Minecraft Bedrock player).

Realms is a private server version of Minecraft. This is the easiest way to create your own creations and create a world for yourself and your loved ones or friends.

How to create nature in Minecraft

Java edition: You must first be registered to use the Kingdom. You can activate the free 30-day trial and cancel at any time.

After completing the registration, proceed Minecraft and press Minecraft Kingdom. If you are creating a kingdom for the first time, press Click to start your new kingdom. Here you can name the kingdom and enter a short description before choosing a world style.

Choose between creating a new world, loading a previous world, or exploring a new world Templates of the world, adventure and experiences In the character.

Set up Realms in Minecraft

Now that you have created a kingdom, choose it Set up the world and click Player. Now all you have to do is create a list of friends on the server by clicking Invite the players and enter their name before clicking again Invite the players. Your friends will be invited to join that kingdom.

Bedrock edition: In BE, the process is a little different.

Create new worlds in Minecraft Bedrock Edition

  1. TOMORROW Minecraft BE and click To play. To bring the world and choose Create something new.
  2. selection Creating a New World.
  3. selection Create nature from the left panel. Choose 2 or 10 players The world.
    1. for 2 The world of players: To commemorate The world your, read and accept the specified terms and conditions, then select Create nature.
    2. with 10 Kingdom Players: Selection Buy now from the navigation list. Choose a Kingdom name, agree to the provided agreement and terms Start a free trial.

How to join the world of Minecraft

Java edition: When you receive an invitation from a friend to join a realm, open Minecraft and open Minecraft Realm.

Go to the right where Minecraft Realms (small envelope icon) is at the top of the screen. Contains pending invitations that you have accepted. Click to join The world friends

Bedrock edition: Request an invite code from the Kingdom creator. Example: We just need the following symbol

Join Nature with your friends in Minecraft

Open Minecraft, then tap To play. To bring friends > click Join the Kingdom. Enter the invitation code you received from the Kingdom owner, then click connect. It’s finished.

How to play Minecraft with friends on platforms

How to play Minecraft with friends

Minecraft Bedrock Edition is part of a growing list of games that include cross-platform play support. The thing to note here is that both must be playing the same version. Minecraft Java Edition players you can’t play are in Minecraft Bedrock Edition.

However, if you want to play Minecraft Bedrock Edition on iPhone or Android while your friends are on Xbox, PC or Switch, you certainly can. Use any of the methods in this list to connect with other players. Among them, Realms is the best choice.

How to play Minecraft on LAN

Java edition

If you share the internal IP address with someone you want to communicate with, you can do it very easily. TOMORROW Minecraft and click Multiplayer. Minecraft will automatically scan games on the local network.

If another player has a LAN world that anyone can join, it will appear in the server list. You can double tap or highlight that server Connect to the server.

Bedrock edition

By default, you play Minecraft on LAN in the Bedrock version. Just go to the World tab. If there are games available on the network you are using, they will appear for you to connect to.

See detailed instructions on how to play Minecraft on LAN at

Split screen

You can also play Minecraft Bedrock Edition (console only) in split screen, which supports 4 players at the same time while using LAN.

Here are some how to play minecraft with friends. We hope the article is useful for you.

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