TFT Season 7: Mysterious Black Dragon squad instructions for playing

on Arena of truth season 7, Mysterious and Black Dragon are two clans that combine well due to their ability to deal high damage and high magic resistance against a large Mage team. The article below will guide you on how to play this combo more effectively.


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TFT Season 7: Mysterious Black Dragon Army Game Tips

We present the team

First, let’s look at the strength of the two main clans in the line:

  • Height: Reduces armor and magic resistance of attacked enemies
  • hidden: Increases magic resistance for the entire army

Staff strength

  • It has high magic resistance, strong against combinations that use magic damage
  • High physical damage
  • More checks
  • Easy to play cards, save your score

The weakness of the staff

  • The back line was thin, it was easy for the Assassins to fight
  • No magical damage
  • Level 9 is required to optimize power

How to organize a team


Among the staff generals:

  • First line: Sy’fen, Sylas
  • The following routes: Heimerdinger, Bard, Nami, Sona, Lulu, Corki

As a strong early game and mid game team, finding generals other than Akali 5 gold is easy. At the same time, it is necessary to equip enough items so that the general general can do the best damage.

How to equip the equipment

Since it’s an attack-oriented build, we want to get attack items for the Sy’fen and Corki pillars.


  • Blood Sword: Grants the ability to absorb blood
  • Mercury Cloak: Immune control for 15 seconds
  • Great Strength: Increases all stats


  • Giant Kill: Deals massive damage to enemy tank champions
  • Razor Blade: Great attack speed increase
  • Shojin Spear: Increases mana recovery

Other equipment needed and priorities include: Book of Demon for Sona, equipment resistance for Sylas.

I wish the Mysterious Black Dragon many victories in TFT season 7!

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