CSGO: Update details August 1, 2022

CS:GO (Backlash: Global Offensive) Released a CSGO update: 01/08/2022 update details to fix the system and fix bugs in the game. Learn more about this new update in the article below.

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  • CSGO: Update details August 1, 2022
    • System update
    • Refresh the map
  • CSGO: Update details on July 12, 2022
    • system
    • map
  • CSGO: Update details July 1, 2022
    • Map update
  • CSGO: Update details June 23, 2022
    • Refresh the map
    • Game update
  • CSGO: Update details on June 2, 2022
    • Refresh the map
    • System update

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CSGO: Update details August 1, 2022

System update

  • Several changes to the rank matching algorithm that required skill bands to be recalibrated for accuracy. Your Skill Pool will not appear until you win the next match.
  • The game trainer should now correctly reload the save state when closed and restarted.
  • The floating game trainer guide is limited to ranked matches.

Refresh the map

At the bar

  • Ball Changes: Changed the angle of the North Face – Balls can now aim 2x faster.
  • Now has 3 rates of fire (replaced 2 on mouse) – Reduced inaccuracy multiplier – Killfeed now shows weapon icon.
  • Create a strong screen shake and many particle effects
  • The base model now also rotates – Calculates more energy damage to cannonballs after the first hit.
  • Fixed probability of ball collision and maintaining control – Balls continue to spin when not in use.
  • Take the bus to the bus stop outside the Industrial Park
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The CS:GO update ends on August 1, 2022!

CSGO: Update details on July 12, 2022


  • Fixed regression in kill panel to display player’s weapons.
  • Fixed a rare crash during map veto in Premier Matchmaking when the player was logged out.
  • Update the new version “R8 Revolver | Fury Gun 8 Complete”.


At the bar

  • Old cannon available
  • The direction is now easily accessible
  • Start to rebuild the houses near the industry
  • Drops can now be seen on the dock building
  • The weapons are no longer visible in the stone tunnel near the observatory
  • Additional weapons can be found in the Pier, Hospital and Industrial buildings
  • The location name is taken during the ping
  • Improved Tourism Fabrics
  • Some minor changes

The bee’s nest

  • The hand grip has been redesigned to prevent the head
  • A train whistle was heard at the bomb site
  • Make the central part of the sculpture brighter

CS:GO update ends 07/12/2022!

CSGO: Update details July 1, 2022


  • Introducing the Recoil chest with 17 weapon designs to the community.

Map update

At the bar

  • Improve site performance.
  • Add a gravel road near the observatory.
  • A rock tunnel was added near the observatory.
  • Add some rocks to the water line near the helipad.
  • Fix other small bugs.

Last update 07/01/2022 CS:GO!

CSGO: Update details June 23, 2022

Refresh the map


  • Remove the wooden chest outside the cave area
  • Fixed a pixel gap from inside the cave area to the middle path of the Terrorist
  • Fixed ground clipping in mid lane causing players to rise slightly off the ground
  • The ground outside the cave area is flat towards the B slope.
  • Blocks of archaeological remains were excavated in the cave area
  • Smoothing the corners of the donut room
  • A few more shelters near the B-pillars
  • Close one exit on the side of the road to area A, widen the other exit
  • Fixed some screen errors when viewing the donut area from the middle lane
  • Reduced damage when shooting through scaffolding in the BU area
  • Increase the intensity of the candle/flashlight
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  • Bomb explosion damage increased from 500 to 620


  • Another attempt to fix the bug where fuel bombs hit the ground in the middle lane
  • Take the position on the side of the slope

Secret place

  • Fixed an accidental usage bug.


  • Improved performance and stability
  • Ivy will sway in the wind
  • Fixing vphysics bugs is important

Game update

  • Ammunition is reduced to 20 rounds with 80 spare rounds in the M4A1-S magazine.

The CS:GO update ends on June 23, 2022!

CSGO: Update details on June 2, 2022

Refresh the map


  • Graffiti was added to Site B to celebrate Nich’s win. Karambit da Langit graffiti by Danky_xD.
  • Fixed the point where Molotovs hurt players through walls
  • Fixed floating model, some unused crashes and missing textures
  • Changing patterns can be confusing.
  • After the broken door is destroyed, repair it

System update

  • Added Enable Gyroscope Mode: (Always On (Default) | Only when using the range button | and when the Neutral Stick is designed).
  • Add SteamInput Actions “Suppress Gyro” and “Change Gyro”. The controller can be mapped to any button in your configuration. “Suppress Gyro” defaults to “Reset to Horizon” Right Stick Click.
  • Added FlickStick option: Switch to normal stick fire when in range.
  • Added “Walk zone” to the movement bar. When the movement stick is activated, it forces the player to be in walk mode (ie +speed). A good alternative to the Left Trigger Full Pull Walk. Set to 0 to disable/keep pure analog motion.
  • Changed the default controller layout.
  • The Quick Radial Menu now uses Gyros and sticks. All Velocity Radials in the Chord are configured by default with the Right Stick.
  • Added official SteamController configuration.
  • Other improvements around controls and actions.
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CS:GO update ends June 2, 2022!

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