TFT season 7: Make the Long Gladiator team game instructions

on DTCL season 7, Olaf he is a very powerful general thanks to his ability to resist and deal good damage. Combined with the Gladiator and Dragon Warrior squads, this can greatly increase Olaf’s strength offensively and defensively. The following article will help you play the Do Long Gladiator combination to rank effectively.


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TFT season 7: Make the Long Gladiator team game instructions

team power

Group overview

The main clans in the team include:

  • Gladiator: Increases health by a large amount for the entire team.
  • Do Long: Increases skill power and stamina when dragon race is not available.


  • Great early game damage and resistance
  • Excellent blood clotting ability
  • Getting to the top is easy
  • Easy champion rotation, matchmaking


  • Not very strong at the end

How to organize a team


Among the staff generals:

  • first line: Braum, Ornn, Sylas, Olaf, Shen
  • The following routes: Diana, Lilia, Pyke

Depending on the state of the game, you need to organize your team so that Olaf can comfortably deal damage and avoid dying quickly.

How to equip the equipment

In this formation, we should focus on getting things for Olaf, then Diana. Olaf acts as a tank and does a lot of damage to the team.


  • Blood Sword: Grants great life stealing ability
  • Razor Blade: Increases attack speed
  • Mercury Cloak: Immune to crowd control for a while


  • Infinity Sword: Increases skill damage and critical rate
  • Sword Sword: Healing
  • Lightning Wheel: Reduces magic resistance and deals damage to enemy back lines when using skills.
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I wish you all the best of luck with the Do Long Gladiator rankings in DTCL Season 7!

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Update at 14:49 - 29/06/2023
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