How to make money fast with Play Together

Earn money with Play Together it is not difficult. Here’s what you need to know How to get more money in the game Play Together.

How to get free money in Play Together

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Simulation games are one of the most popular game genres today, because they help people escape from the stress of today’s life by making their dreams and hopes come true. Finding a good simulation game on PC and mobile devices is not difficult. there, will be played is the most popular choice today.

Play together, it will be “crazy” in 2021 with a unique simulation game. Players can not only build houses and decorate them as they want, but also make friends from around the world and complete a series of interesting tasks. Not only this, Play Together also hosts impressive themed events with attractive prizes.

Of course, you don’t need money to progress in the game. Like other simulation games, Play Together has a currency system. You need to climb to unlock higher level options.

Entrance fee will be played a star (star). Different furniture, cars, clothes, home styles and more. you need to buy. So, the question arises, how? Play hack money it attracted many players. However, you don’t need to hack it. In fact, you are a lot How to earn money in Play Together simply “skip” the game and complete the following tasks.

How to earn money in Play Together

  • Complete the Play Together tasks
  • Necklaces and crowns
  • Fishing and recycling
  • Watched the video

Complete the Play Together tasks

First, you must complete a task to help the citizens of Kaia Island. You can get quests from various NPCs in squares and fields.

Some NPCs give you quests in Play Together:

  • Policeman Victor walks in the center of the square.
  • The NPC is in front of the pizzeria.
  • A square dance floor cleaner with a hand broom.
  • Challenger, fireman, Dr. Field color.
  • Deputy principal and girl in front of the school door.
  • Challenger and girl on the playground/basketball.

Necklaces and crowns

Collect crowns in Play Together

Crowns, gems, coins, gift boxes are a requirement to unlock rewards in the Passage… If you don’t have enough money to make wands, you can play zombies or fighting games in the arcade. However, fishing in Play Together will earn you a lot of money.

Fishing and recycling

After completing quests, you can earn money in Play Together by selling fish from waterfalls in the field… Waterfalls are one of the best places to fish in Play Together because you can easily catch rare fish like barbel. , catfish. They are quite expensive, around 80 to 130 stars. You can learn more fishing tips in Play Together on

Another way to earn money in Play Together is recycling. For example, recycling dolls, car doors at kindergartens. Then, use the points to buy a box in the store. One of the boxes may contain money.

Sell ​​your catch to earn money in Play Together

Watched the video

Finally, this is the easiest way to earn money fast in Play Together. Your job is to watch ads and earn stars.

Here are some How to earn more money with Play Together The easiest. If you know of any other method to monetize Play Together, please share with readers!

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