DTCL season 7: Cuong Long squad playing instructions

on DTCL season 7, Cuong Long is a very powerful staff with high damage and healing abilities. The following article will help you how to play Cuong Long’s army to optimize the strength of the generals.


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DTCL season 7: Cuong Long squad playing instructions

Troop strength

main tribe:

  • Crazy Dragon
  • Dragon Warrior
  • bow
  • Renewal


  • Great damage especially in the late game
  • A mix of magical and physical damage
  • Easy to play, easy to build and play champion


  • Game a little weak in the beginning
  • Shyvana is needed in the late game, otherwise she is very weak and has low stamina
  • You need to reach level 9 to turn it on

How to organize a team


Among the staff generals:

  • Hekarim
  • siva
  • Shen
  • Sett disclosed
  • Xayah
  • loved
  • ash trees
  • Seine

How to equip the troops

In addition to the base gear for Xayah and Shyvana, we need more attack speed boost gear for Swain to help with damage.


  • Giant Kill: Deals massive damage to enemy tankers
  • Death Note: Reduces the target’s armor
  • Razor Blade: Increases attack speed infinitely


  • Mass Power: Increases damage and resistance
  • Dragon Claw: Great increase in magic resistance
  • Barbed Armor / Blood Armor: Increases health or armor by a large amount


  • Zeke Storm Gathering x2: Increases attack speed for yourself and Xayah
  • Trap Claw: Blocks the first enemy crowd control ability of the nearest champion

Above is my entire “resume” playing for Cuong Long. Good luck to this team!

Originally posted on August 10, 2022 @ 7:50 pm

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