How to collect and use honey in Minecraft

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In the world of Minecraft, where there are many flowers, you will find a bee. The flower forest biome is a good place to start, but the steppe forest biome is also a good place for bees to nest. While bees and honey are not features in the early game, they can give a lot of advantages when they are grown​​​​​​​​​​and harvested in the long run.

How to collect and use honey in Minecraft

  • The bee’s nest
  • Start harvesting
  • Avoid upsetting the bees
  • biliary blockage

The bee’s nest

Hive in Minecraft

The first and most difficult task is to find a nest. They are usually located around flowering plants. Destroying the hive without using the Silk Touch tool is a bad idea and will only irritate the bees in the hive.

Also, it doesn’t give you honey and leaves only beehives and bees.

A lie full of honey in minecraft

Pay attention to the structure of the nest. After it melts, you will hear the distinct sound of drops of honey falling to the ground. This indicates that the house is full of honey and it is time to harvest. Every time the bees leave the hive to pollinate the flowers, the amount of honey in the hive increases.

How to make a honey farm in minecraft

Creating a honey farm is very simple. Just put a nest and flowers around it, then wait. Here’s how you can increase production.


You can attract and feed the bees with any flowers (including 2 blocks of flowers and dried roses) or even tie a rope to control them. When the bees suck the nectar from the flowers, they go into love mode and begin to reproduce with the production of bees. This action will increase the number of bees in the colony and allow the player to increase the size of the farm.

Build a nest

Players can build a hive using 6 boards and 3 bees (available from normal hives). You must wait for the hive to reach level 5 before using the fire to heat the hive and collect the honey. Slot and socket have the same function. Just repeat this process to create as many nests as needed.

Increase the production of bees

Since bees are only active on days without rain, players can increase their productivity by sending them to the Nether or the End. Place the flowers near the nest so that they collect the pollen and return to the nest as quickly as possible.

Start harvesting

Biome with bees in Minecraft

To start harvesting, you need an empty glass bottle and large scissors. Cutting the hive will give you a beekeeper with decorative rays that can be used to design the hive of your choice. In the upcoming Minecraft 1.7 update, bee blocks will be used as copper blocks with candles and wax.

Use a glass jar to store the honey. Combine 4 honey bottles to form a honey block.

If you use honey, you will regain energy. But above all, it has the ability to heal poison and can be converted into sugar.

Avoid upsetting the bees

Angry bee in minecraft

Before you drink the honey, you need to calm the bees in the hive. Otherwise, they will get angry and chase you. The easiest way to do this is to light a small fire under the nest.

Set fire up to 5 blocks or you can as shown below:

Campfire in Minecraft

biliary blockage

Swipe down from the top of the honey block in Minecraft

The honey block is a special transparent block made from 3 honey glass bottles. The use of this is very rare because the mobs avoid the honey block and do not walk.

Also, any monsters or players walking on the marker block will not be able to jump or move at normal speed. Movement speed will be greatly reduced.

Honey blocks in minecraft

Bile blocks can also be used to slow down and reduce damage. Real players can slide slowly over the blocks. Also, falling from the top of the gall block significantly reduces the damage, about 80%.

The best way to use honey in minecraft

Road construction

Sugar is an important food ingredient and you can make it from honey. Place the honey on the crafting table to make 3 sugar blocks/bottles. In fact, honey can provide more sugar than sugar cane.

Food preparation

In real life, honey is edible, and Minecraft is no exception. You can use your health bar to regenerate when you are injured in battles against mobs, zombies and monsters. It also helps to get rid of hunger quickly.

Removing the effect of the poison

If you accidentally ate rotten meat or drank the wrong poison, honey is a special antidote. Drink immediately. The honey will eliminate all the effects of the poison and restore the behavior to normal.

Preparation of bile blocks

Minecraft also allows you to use honey to create honey blocks. This is useful and important, but easy to do. Basically, it is enough to put 4 bottles of honey in a craft table box.

It is at the top How to get and use honey in minecraft. We hope the article is useful for you.

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