The best active skills for leveling in Free Fire

Rising Free Fire Rating Must be a suitable character. That’s it The best active skills to rank in Free Fire.

Active skill is the most important part when building Free Fire. Players should choose skills that suit their play style. And you should take advantage of all the advantages you have in FF climbing.

That’s it The best active skills for the level in Free Fire OB35.

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    Despite the slightly reduced cooldown, Alok’s Drop the Beat is still one of the best abilities in the game. If there are no special requirements, you should choose Alok, because his skills are suitable for almost all teams.

    Free Fire offer

    Free healing and Beat speed are useful in Battle Royale and Clash Squad. If you don’t know the best active ability, Alok is a popular option and worth a try.

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    Homer in free fire

    Homer OB34 is a new character in the Free Fire update. He might be the most “improved” character in Free Fire so far with his first real attacking skills. Homer’s ability summons a drone that runs 100 meters forward towards the enemy and creates a 5 meter shockwave.

    This burst reduces enemy movement speed and fire by 35% in AoE. Especially with 25 damage. Slow lasts 5 seconds, max cooldown is 90.

    This ability is very impressive as it can track movement, reduce damage and slow down enemies. Homer is the perfect choice for an attack team in Free Fire where you can go with a drone.

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    Steffie in Free Fire

    In Free Fire OB33, Steffy’s active ability has been changed to a more useful version. Can now reduce bullet damage and block thrown objects. However, this ability is quite weak due to its high cooldown. This skill also has no movement.

    The redesigned Painted Refuge makes Steffie’s ability the perfect combat support option in Free Fire. It seems that Garena wants to increase the support role, since this skill is slightly enhanced in OB34. With a 30 second cooldown at all levels, Steffy’s active ability is very useful at leveling up in FF.

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    Iris in free fire

    Iris is the newest character in Free Fire with a feature called Wall Brawl. Count the number of people hiding behind the sticky bomb. It is the first to be chosen when fighting because Gloo Wall is very popular in Temple Fire.

    Within 10 seconds after casting, the Iris skill user can attack Gloo Wall to mark enemies within 7m and move to Gloo Wall to deal AoE damage to enemies. Affects up to 5 Gloo walls. The cooldown is 55 seconds.

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    Skyler in Free Fire

    Although Skyler’s skill has decreased a bit, it is still useful in ranking in Free Fire. Using Skyler, players can destroy or destroy up to 5 sticky bombs in an AoE while gaining some HP.

    Since sticky bombs are some of the most important tools in the late game, the ability to damage or destroy them will give you and your team a huge advantage. The best thing about this skill is the cooldown. You can cancel whenever you want.

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