How to renovate a bedroom and bathroom in Adorable Home

Beautiful House There are several rooms, of which the bedroom and the bathroom are the most popular. The followingUpgrade the Adorable House bedroom bathroom.

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Cats are adorable animals with many expressions and movements. The special features not only make them popular, but also become an endless source of creative inspiration for many game developers. It is not difficult to find cat games in the app store and Beautiful House is one of them.

Adorable Home is very “hot” in 2020 because it is interesting to raise a cat and take care of the house. Not only that, you can also exchange and make connections with friends from all over the world while playing the game.

Beautiful House Attractive cartoon graphics and interesting opening story. You and your fiancé moved into a new house in the suburbs with a cute cat named Snow. What to do first? Of course, you need to clean and decorate the new house first.

home Beautiful House There are many rooms. In particular, rooms and bathrooms are in the most demand.

However, Why does Adorable Home have no bedrooms? on multiple devices? This is a question that interests many people. If you are also in this situation, we at know How to open a room in Adorable Home How!

Adorable Home has a beta test that allows people to sign up to experience the latest features before the developers make them official. Currently, the latest beta version is only available on the Android platform and is not yet available for iOS. If you don’t know, you can ask: How to play Adorable Home beta game.

In the lovely Home 1.6.1 beta update for Android, the game developer Hyperbeat added a new place where the characters can sleep, the Bedroom, exploring new moments. In the latest update 1.7.2, the bathroom has been unlocked so you can spend cozy and romantic moments with your partner.

Bedroom in the Adorable House

The bedroom is the third unlockable space in the Adorable House. This is one of the 7 cute cat game slots added in version 1.6. Players can now unlock Adorable Home rooms with 4000 hearts.

  • price: 4000 hearts
  • intended for: People, cats and guests come to the house
  • New functions: Day and night, lights, vary according to the on and off cycle.

Like the living room, the bedrooms have white walls and beige wooden floors. To the left is a brown window with white shutters and curtains. The bedroom in the standard Adorable Home game has a white wooden bed and a desk. Players can redecorate the room with furniture purchased from the room in the Shop.

If you have a room in Adorable Home, the day and night cycle will also open. Basically, this feature changes depending on the player’s time zone.

How to unlock the Adorable Home room

Click on the room with the pillow icon and use 4000 hearts to open it.

Then you can enter the room and decorate it with bedroom furniture.

Bedroom in the Adorable House
Bedroom in the Adorable House

How to decorate a room in Adorable Home

Go to the store:

Enter the store
Enter the store

Choose items for the room:

Room decoration
Shop for room decorations

Here you can choose to buy articles for the room.

Room amenities include:

  • Bed.
  • Night table.
  • Table.
  • Sometimes a table.
  • Clothing.
  • Braces.

  • chair
  • carpet
  • He will sit down.
  • Flower pot.
  • lamp
  • Games.
Sometimes a table
Sometimes a table

This is a room item that you can buy on the Store shelf. Each category has luxury or budget items. Players can choose luxury items, expensive but very beautiful, or cheap, cheaper designs.

Adorable home bathroom

Bathrooms are finally available in the Adorable Home. However, if you update the game to its latest version, Adorable Home 1.7.2, you will see the Bathroom.

You can open the bathroom with 4000 hearts
You can open the bathroom with 4000 hearts
  • The bathroom is a place for couples to relax. You can decorate and decorate luxuriously and romantically, then take a bath with your partner. It takes 4000 hearts to open the bathroom. The way to open it is similar to the steps to open the room above, instead of choosing a room, choose a Bathroom, similar to a bathroom!
You can take a shower with your partner
You can take a shower with your partner
  • There are more than 100 furniture and decorations to beautify your bathroom in different styles such as bathtub, washing machine, mirror, bathroom, shelves… Login Home Tab > Shopping > Bathroom accessories buy bathroom accessories.
Decorate the bathroom with different furniture/decorations
Decorate the bathroom with different furniture/decorations

  • After choosing an item, enter Home tab > My > Bathroom put in the bath.

Try to get more than one team to buy more items, decorate your bathroom well!

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