How to download and install Stardew Valley mod

Stardew Lembah Valley great game with unlimited experience. In particular, you can Install Stardew Valley mod to increase the fun while playing the game.

Stardew Lembah Valley

There are hundreds of mods available for Stardew Lembah Valley. Some of them are graphic mods that change the look of the game, and some add new content. Most mods act as fan-made DLC packs. Here’s how Install the Stardew Valley mod.

Instructions to install Stardew Valley mod

  • Before installing mods for Stardew Valley, preparation is required
  • How to install SMAPI
  • How to install Content Patcher
  • Stardew Valley mod game

Before installing mods for Stardew Valley, preparation is required

There are many ways to download and install Stardew Valley mods, but the most common way is to use SMAPI (Stardew Modding API). This app is specially designed for Stardew Valley. It is very user friendly.

You also need the Content Patcher mod and a Nexus account – the Internet provides SMAPI, Content Patcher, and other mods that can be installed.

How to install SMAPI

This is the first step you need to take.

  1. Look at it SMAPI In Nexus.
  2. TOMORROW SMAPI and go to the files tab.
  3. selection download the manual from the SMAPI main file.
  4. Here you will be asked to sign into your Nexus account. If you haven’t already, do it now.
  5. Once SMAPI is downloaded, look for the Stardew Valley game file in the file browser.
  6. Open the downloaded file in another window and right click on the SMAPI zip file.
  7. selection Take them all.
  8. Return to the Stardew Valley game file, right-click the file name and select copy address as text.
  9. Paste it into the text box of the window Take them all. This will put SMAPI in your Stardew Valley game folder.
  10. Navigate to the SMAPI installation directory and run it on your operating system.
  11. A black pop-up box will appear asking you to login first SMAPI to confirm location change.
  12. Import first to reinstall.
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Instructions for installing the SMAPI mod

Install the SMAPI mod

How to install SMAPI

Install SMAPI

Instructions to install SMAPI mod on PC

Instructions to install SMAPI mod on PC


SMAPI interface

Command line window

black window

If you are in Stardew Valley through Steam, you need to go to the game launch options. After successfully downloading SMAPI, you will receive a code for it.

  1. Copy the code shown in the black pop-up box.
  2. To bring Stardew Lembah Valley On Steam.
  3. Right click on the game and click PROPERTY.
  4. You can find it in the settings Startup Options. Paste the code here.
Install the Stardew Valley mod on Steam

Instructions for installing game mods on Steam

General Settings

Command prompt window

If you see a black window with white text appear when you open the game, you know that everything is installed correctly. SMAPI is the most

Some mods require other mods to be installed first to work. If so, the damaged mod will appear as red text in a black popup when you open the game.

If another mod is needed, SMAPI will give you a download link to install it. Also, if you need to update a mod, SMAPI will give you a link so you don’t have to find it.

How to install Content Patcher

Install Content Patcher

Install the Content Patcher mod

Instructions for installing the Content Patcher mod

How to install Content Patcher mod

Mod Content Patcher

You have successfully installed SMAPI. Next, download and install Content Patcher.

  1. Look at it Content patcher By typing in the Nexus search bar.
  2. Download and install according to the instructions.
  3. Return to the Stardew Valley game file on your computer. You will see a new mod file added.
  4. Open the .Content Patcher zip file, right click on the file name and select take it all.
  5. Copy the file path from the mod folder by right clicking and selecting the file name copy the address as text.
  6. Paste in the text box.

The Content Patcher is the first and foremost mod you need because none of the Stardew Valley mods work without it. Content Patcher allows you to modify game data without destroying it.

Stardew Valley mod game

After installing SMAPI and Content Patcher, you are free to add other mods. The best place to find Stardew Valley mods is on Nexus.

Nexus has over 1,500 games, including mods for this popular simulation game, so you’ll find everything you need here.

To find the Stardew Valley mod, open Nexus and type the name of the game into the search bar. You can get all mods related to Stardew Valley. Now all you have to do is find and download your favorites.

Since Content Patcher itself is a mod, you can follow the instructions above to install another mod. Just download the zip file and don’t forget to extract it into the mods folder.

It is at the top How to install mod for Stardew Valley. We hope the article is useful for you.

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