Minecraft Dungeons: How to find every hidden level

Minecraft dungeons It is an interesting action game like Minecraft. In particular, Minecraft Dungeons has many hidden modes that not everyone knows about.

If you like playing Minecraft in a new way, Minecraft Dungeons is a must try version. Compared to Minecraft, this game is more action-oriented.

Minecraft Dungeon Attractions

  • Together. Via. Survive.
    • Dare to fight alone or with friends in the cave! Up to 4 players can play together in action-packed treasure hunt levels. In a historic quest to save the villagers and defeat the evil Arch-Illager!
  • Continue the adventure, the adventure
    • The Minecraft Dungeons journey continues to evolve with the times – free themed events. Participate in weekly challenges to earn Adventure Points, unlocking exclusive rewards through a new progression system.
  • Defeat the high ranks
    • Take on the challenges of the first Minecraft Dungeons Seasonal Adventure Cloudy Climb with exclusive seasonal rewards and a new mysterious tower.

Overall, Minecraft Dungeons is a game that should not be missed by adventurers and explorers. There are currently 9 levels in the game, but there are other hidden paths waiting for you to discover.

Thanks to the completely random map generation system, it’s hard to know where each level will open. However, this is what encourages players to explore the depths of Minecraft Dungeons. If you want to save time, don’t be afraid to read the instructions Find all the hidden areas in Minecraft Dungeons here.

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How to find hidden levels in Minecraft Dungeons

  • Scary Crypt – Scary Catacomb
  • Wet Cave – Wet cave
  • Arch Haven – Arch Village
  • Underholls – Underground tunnels
  • Secret Cow Level – Mystery Cow Level

Scary Crypt – Scary Catacomb

Terrible map of catacombs in minecraft dungeons

Creepy Crypt is the largest single map Minecraft dungeons, which provides multiple sources of gems and loots. It can accommodate 22 different boxes. This is also the first secret dungeon you’ll find, usually accessed by going left first in the Creeper Woods level. Due to the random path mechanics of the game, it is difficult to accurately describe this place. However, it usually appears early in the game, so check the side streets for the yellow sign. They will tell you where to go. The Creepy Crypt is almost always on the left side of the map.

Introduction to scary dungeons in Minecraft Dungeons

If you find the right path, you will see a flat door behind the moss with a secret key. Inside, several ambush teams await you in another catacomb. This map also provides a world map region unlock feature.

Wet Cave – Wet cave

Wet Cave Map in Minecraft Dungeons

Soggy’s Cave is hard to find. Like the Creepy Crypt, Soggy’s Cave is unlocked through the map, which you can find in places like the secret dungeons of the Wet Swamp level. The entrance to this wet cave is usually located away from the main entrance.

Wet Cave Door in Minecraft Dungeon

Inside the wet cave is a small ambush site. When you pass it, you will see a stone platform with a map of the cave.

The Wet Cave level itself is short with some mini-puzzles and ambush events. However, it also has a well-preserved diamond chest. If you’re looking for something on the loot table, this level might be a good one to skip.

Arch Haven – Arch Village

Map of Arch Haven in Minecraft Dungeons

Arch Haven is a coastal island full of residents and treasure. To achieve this, you need “parkour”. This is an interesting Minecraft Dungeons level and offers quality rare resources like Frost Scythe if you want those things.

The map of Arch Haven can be found in Pumpkin Meadows, in the broken passage in the small pirate ship. An ambush is set up here to protect the map behind the door. After this event, a portal will open that will allow access to spatial data rich in resources.

Inside Arch Haven in Minecraft Dungeons

Due to the random nature of Meadow Pumpkin’s map generator, it’s difficult to give an exact location, but just look at the map to explore the area outside and see which roads lead off the main road. Of course you will find it.

Underholls – Underground tunnels

Map of Dungeons in Minecraft Dungeons

The Underhalls is an expansive catacomb style level. It is home to a dead Wraith and a very scary haunted dungeon. This is also a good place to open for lovers of dungeons, because its size and complexity reach the highest level of difficulty.

The underhall is fairly easy to unlock, usually located near the starting area of ​​Highblock Hall, and doesn’t rely on randomness like other unlockable levels.

Entrance door to the underground room of Minecraft Dungeons

In the first place, down some stairs in the main hall, two shields are hanging on a wall. Talk to one of them to open the hidden wing and complete the map inside.

Secret Cow Level – Mystery Cow Level

Minecraft Dungeons also has super secret levels designed to remind you of a secret area in Diablo II. You can watch the video above to learn how to unlock this level.

Above is a hidden area in Minecraft Dungeons. I hope this article is useful for you

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