The best way to get old minecraft fragments

Ancient ruins or old Minecraft scraps New in update 1.19 is a rare ore. That’s it How to get old minecraft pieces.

Diamonds were the most valuable and rare mineral in Minecraft before 1.16. However, in the Nether update, Mojang introduced a rare mineral called Ancient Shatter or ancient shards. They can only be found in the Minecraft Nether. You can turn it into a Netherite tool, the highest level equipment. Therefore, it is very important to get the old fragments to improve the tools.

That’s it which one How to get ancient ruins in minecraft 1.19.

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    Use TNT

    How to mine ancient pieces in minecraft

    Since ancient fragments cannot be destroyed by explosions, players can use explosives such as TNT and Final Crystals to mine them. You can activate TNT remotely to make the farm faster and less dangerous. The only problem is that you have to plant gunpowder to store the necessary TNT. Just dig Y level 15.

    Also, players can use End Crystals because the explosion they create is the biggest, so they are more likely to give this piece.

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    Use the bed

    Using the bed in Minecraft

    If you are lazy but don’t mind the dangers, using a bed is a good idea. Try to sleep in the Nether beds, End and private rooms. Deactivate the surrounding blocks to make them explode. The explosion has an energy of 5 points, higher than TNT.

    First, dig down to Y = 15 because the largest concentration of ancient debris is in the exposed block. Prepare the beds when digging tunnels. Every 16 blocks, dig a 1x2x5 tunnel perpendicular to your main tunnel (1 block wide, 2 blocks high, and 5 blocks long).

    Place the bed on the second floor, with the headboard facing the first floor. Activate it, then slide as far as possible to avoid the explosion. The bed has 5 explosions, so you need to build it with 6 blocks. This method is very dangerous, so bring protective equipment such as Totems of Undying with explosion-proof and fireproof enchanted potions.

    Come back later to get all the old broken blocks. Repeat the above process until you reach the required amount.

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    Steal from inventory

    Find old scraps in crates

    Players can find ancient fragments in several chests in Holland in Minecraft, although they are difficult to find. First, the player must find the castle and destroy it. Large castle ruins like the castles of Holland in all biomes except the basalt plains. They have four different variations with unique structures and loot.

    1 – 2 Ancient Fragments can spawn in Hoglin’s treasure and inventory. The spawn rate is low, only 15%, but after clearing the ruins you will find some chests.

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    Normal mining

    Exploiting ancient ruins in Minecraft is not difficult

    Here is the procedure Find the simplest old Minecraft scraps. It’s tedious, but the easiest to follow. You only need a diamond bar of Efficiency II or higher to get the netherrack right away. Players can also dig while running at the right angle.

    Basically, dig in one direction until you hit the lava, then move in another. While doing this, you have to prepare some fire retardants in case there is a risk of touching the lava.

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