Adjusted the overall strength of Lien Quan Mobile: The Primordial Forest update

Arena of courage – Update Primary forest Officially, the champions have been released with a lot of gear adjustments… Let’s study the important power regulation changes of the revised champion in the Primeval Forest Lien update. This is the Mobile Army.


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  • Adjusted the overall strength of Lien Quan Mobile: The Primordial Forest update
    • Custom sample strength
    • Edit the battlefield
  • Lien Quan Mobile: Primordial Forest update details
    • Champion Update
    • Game mode

Adjusted the overall strength of Lien Quan Mobile: The Primordial Forest update

Custom sample strength


  • The jury: Nakroth rushes in to strike the target, dealing 250+20/lv+(0.85 AD bonus) physical damage. This skill can be knocked down in 0.5 seconds after use
  • Killing Sword: Damage: 220+50/lv+ (1.0 AD bonus)


  • Devil’s Sword: Damage: 650+200/lv+290% Physical ATK Damage
  • Soul catcher: Maloch deals 45+5/lv+30% physical damage ATK and slow ability. In addition, the shield also increases the number of life needed, helping to block physical attacks by 250 + 75 / lv + 180%.
  • cleaning: Damage: 450+225/lv+130% Attack Damage. Additional distance: 50 m. Damage: 600+250/lv+280% Attack Damage.

Edit the battlefield


  • Caesar Pioneer: base health changed from 4500 to 5500.
  • Dark Caesar Summons: Turret damage changed from 0.25 ACTUAL HP to 1.0 HP.
  • Summon Tyrant Caesar: base health changed from 25000 to 20000, armor from 600 to 400.
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  • Fixed an issue where when Yena was present, Rourke would randomly activate the 2nd effect of Yena’s ability.

  • Fixed an issue where normal battle models would not work when using the Bright Toshiro skin without loading resources.

  • Fixed minor map pings no longer appearing.

  • Fixed the problem where the short maximum signal had an abnormal frequency.

  • Fixed 3 Baldum skills not being canceled by cleaning

  • Fixed a bug where passive Ping and kill signals were not unlocked.

  • Fixed an issue where players would not be recognized normally in pohans due to freezing.

  • Fix the last arena bug.

  • Fixed the issue where the music ceremony button was pressed 2 letter positions and the chest position was disabled.

  • Fixed an issue where unclaimed SSM rewards would automatically go into inventory.

  • Fixed bug in Kim Ngu’s Butterfly Goddess skin with wrong voice.

The final edition update for Mobile Alliance champion Forest Nguyen Sinh!

Lien Quan Mobile: Primordial Forest update details

Champion Update

New heroine: Helen

  • High Bar: Passively increases movement speed by 70% upon landing. Heals 60 (+5 per level) (+15% AP) health every 0.5 seconds. Wipe reduces the attacker’s movement speed by 25%.
  • Holy Light: Heal for 100 + 35 / LV (+25% ability strength) health every 0.5s. Removal deals damage and slows enemies.
  • Life Barrier: Regenerates 200 + 50 / LV (+ 35% Ability Power) health every second.


  • Dark Arcane Arts: Lightning Damage: 155+30/lv+0.35 attack damage. Healing: 50+12/lv+01 magic health. Lightning Discharge Rate: 0.75. Removed: Damage is split in half when throwing spheres from the body and when Lorion shoots lightning. Removal of recovery.

  • Static electricity: Lorion’s flight process cannot be controlled when the ball is removed from the body. Skill 2’s cooldown is now affected by the cooldown.

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  • Aftermath Blade: Cooldown: Heals 6 seconds.
  • Shadow Claws: Damage: 250+75/lv+75% ATK, 10% reduction every time the enemy is hit. Maximum discount of 20%.


  • Momentum Phase: Warm Up: 10 – 0.4/lv sec. Remove the slow mechanism.


  • Book of Relics: Energy attacks deal magic damage equal to 5% of your maximum health and slow you by 50% for 1 second.
  • God Guardian: Xeniel can destroy his own shield by dealing magic damage and changing his increased passive attack. Deals 50% damage when shield is damaged. Cooldown: 11-0.6/lv sec.

  • Rescue Mission: When Xeniel uses it, it gives a shield to selected allies, and when the shield is destroyed, it damages nearby enemies. Xeniel landed on the chosen target. Xeniel lands, restoring 10% of his maximum health to himself and nearby allies. Clearing the ground deals damage to enemies and helps increase allies’ speed. Added new: If an ally dies while casting, the broadcast will be canceled. Also, before casting, S1 will be used first to create a shield for himself.


  • Improved: Remove armor and increase it by 18%. Attacking an enemy increases damage taken by 5% for 3 seconds.

  • Basic Attack: Range: 2.5m
  • Totem Caps Socks: Pure: Slows the target when hit. Meaning: 40+8/lv

  • Seismic: Removed: The hit reduces the cooldown to deal double damage to monsters. Each hit causes a 6% increase in resistance and stacks up to 4 times (Damage increase: 6% + 0.5% / lv). The target is slowed by 30% for 2 seconds. Hand price: 40 manats. Baldum finished the new bar. Cooldown: 5 seconds. Removed: While forming a magical formation that slows enemies that touch it, the ongoing formation still has the effect of slowing the enemy. The magic training went slowly. Freezes enemy cooldown while locked in combat.

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Game mode

  • GAME MODE “ULTI Arena”

Latest update of Mobile Union Primeval Forest!

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Update at 4:02 - 29/06/2023
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