TFT season 7: Gunners Gladiator team game tips

on DTCL season 7, Gunner – Gladiator is a strong combo with great damage capacity from the strong resistance of Gunner, Festival and Gladiator. We will learn how to play the Gladiator Gunners combo in the next article.


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TFT season 7: Gunners Gladiator team game tips

  • team power
  • How to organize a team
  • How to equip the equipment

team power

The main clans include:

  • Gladiator: Improves team health
  • Gunner: Allows you to deal a lot of area damage


  • The ability to deal good damage in a large area
  • Champion is easy to play
  • Keep your score good
  • The end game is very powerful if you have enough gear


  • The back line is quite weak, you have to be careful when it comes to Assassins
  • Corki should be converted as the main damage troop.

How to organize a team


The standard grade generals include:

  • Top lines: Sylas, Ornn, Illaoi, Tahm Kench
  • The following routes: Senna, Jinx, Corky, Sona

Depending on the formation of the enemy team, we have a way to set up or isolate a corner. But you need to pay attention to the arrangement because Corky can do damage easily.

How to complete

This team doesn’t need a lot of equipment, especially for Corki, we need to get damage items.


  • Rage Blade: Great attack speed increase
  • Death Note: Reduces the armor of enemy troops
  • Hand of Justice/Blood Sword: Grants the ability to absorb blood

and so on

  • Thorn Armor: Increases armor and reflects physical damage
  • Dragon Claw: Increases magic resistance and reflects magic damage

Good luck to all of you on the Gladiator – Artillery team!

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