Tips for playing Mobile Legends Bang Bang for beginners

Mobile Legends Bang Bang This is a great game with interesting gameplay. That’s it Here are some tips for playing Mobile Legends Bang Bang for starters.

This season is the most exciting time for mobile games with a series of super products coming to Vietnam, publisher VNG released 2 releases in Vietnam, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang and survival shooter – PUBG Mobile VN. There is a lot to say about the Vietnamese version of the MOBA Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, but ignoring the concerns of players who are worried about game cheats and game hacks, there are definitely many advantages. 1 Vietnam interface, 24/7 support staff, we can experience Mobile Legends: Bang Bang game with community events, and easily solve problems with maps, in-game points recharge. and so on.

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If you have never participated in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, the following guide will be very useful, we will give the simplest tips for beginners, you will know what you need to do to get it. Caption: Bang Bang.

How to play Mobile Legends Bang Bang for beginners is not difficult

A beginner’s guide to playing Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

  • Understand the role of the general
  • Use equipment combos
  • Don’t disturb the monsters in the forest and watch out for the buffs
  • Use gold to upgrade runes – use cards to buy champions
  • The general’s dress
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Understand the role of the general

In Mobile Legends Bang Bang, each general has a different role based on their position on the battlefield. Therefore, understanding the role of the champion will help you communicate effectively with your team and implement better tactics.

Marksman – ADC in mid lane doesn’t add any significant benefit, nor Mage in EXP lane is a smart combo, so players have to be careful when moving in each lane. Here are some suggestions:

  • Witcher: mid lane
  • Assassin: Forest Road
  • Parry/Support: Every team needs this
  • AD Default: Golden Path
  • Gladiator: EXP path

Use equipment combos

Although Mobile Legends Bang Bang has a smaller supply of equipment than most MOBA games, an effective combination of almost everything can provide a large in-game buff. For example, the Clock of Destiny increases the maximum mana, the Lighting Truncheon increases the damage dealt to each player by the maximum mana. Based on the effect of your items, you can create combinations of individual play styles to increase your mana, and then benefit from more damage.

Don’t disturb the monsters in the forest and watch out for the buffs

Don't disturb the monsters in the forest and watch out for the buffs

Of course, even new players do not know how to play with monsters in the forest, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is terrible at the first level. Not only do jungle monsters have buffs, they also have the ability to send you to the bank if you don’t have a jungle item with you, but want to show off.

The damage rate is large, the amount of blood is large, so it is difficult for you to completely destroy the monsters in the forest when you meet them. The buffs have different powers depending on the person who uses them, but there are some charms that require more attention.

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Use gold to upgrade runes – use cards to buy champions

Use the gold to upgrade the rune table

We need a better chart of the different champions to make it easier for you in the early or late game. Try to save money and Dust to get two runes to 15 as soon as possible, because it opens the Talents that we will use, which are more useful than many champions but incomplete runes.

There is also 1 currency that you can exchange while playing Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, namely Cards, cards obtained through daily missions and main missions, side missions from the game. When gold can upgrade the rune table, Cards can only be used for certain operations, such as buying chests, buying champions, or spinning the wheel of fortune. Although not all champions can get a champion, Cards are easier to get, just work hard to get 200 cards per day. Each champion costs about 300 cards, we just need to get it in 2 days in a simple way.

The general’s dress

The general's dress

With other eSports games on the market today, costumes usually do not affect the strength of a champion, but have a beautifying effect, but in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, there is a big difference between the general and general with costumes. Although this stat is not enough to affect the game. When wearing a skin, all skins in the game have the same stats, which is just a way for the developer to force players to spend money to buy a skin. There are also many costume pieces in the game, but it is not easy to have a complete material. Although it doesn’t affect the game much, if you want an excellent experience, you should consider getting skins for champions first.

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Here are some tips or little notes that we want beginners to understand from the start. We hope that these tips will help you quickly achieve maximum results while participating in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang.

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