AmongLock helps you create a password screen just like Among Us

Among the keys This is an app that helps you put Between Us on your lock screen. That’s it How to use AmongLock.

How to use Between Us Lock Screen

  • Download between us
  • Download Between Us for Android
  • Download Between Us for iOS

Between us a monster-style action game, but with many interesting creative elements. After a year of secret release, Among Us suddenly became popular when a popular streamer shared how to play the game on his social network. All thanks to the team play, but a very difficult trust between the members.

When you play Among Us, you will be randomly selected to play the role of an artist and an astronaut. As the name suggests, the impostor will join the crew, pretending to be on a mission waiting for the right moment to destroy the crew and take over the ship. The crew must try to find this fake as soon as possible while repairing the ship, which can cause a lot of damage. The process of determining the article is done by vote. It’s time to test the trust and unity between the players.

We have very interesting game modes with many different challenges in between. In fact, this has made Among Us a source of creative inspiration for many software developers. AmongLock or Among Lock are such programs.

If you’ve ever played Between Us, you probably know the Reactor quest. To complete it, you need to press the button on the encryption panel with a specific pattern. This Between Us screenplay follows this pattern. completion Download between the buttons and install it according to the instructions, below, your iPhone login screen will be the same as the Reactor password table, although you will hear a beep when entering the password. In particular, the program prepares a screen to reject fraudsters from the spaceship when entering the wrong password.

Screen between us for iPhone

Among us wallpapers for iPhone

Out ofI created a Between Us style password screen on my iPhoneAmongLock also brings many other features, such as allowing users to use videos as wallpaper, hiding the emergency call button, hiding the spacebar and FaceID animation while scrolling.

You can download AmongLock from the developer repo here: Then add it to Cydia. This app works on iOS 14 and 13.

How to add AmongLock to Cydia

  1. TOMORROW Cydia and touch SOURCE at the bottom of the screen.
  2. touch Add to in the upper right corner of the screen.
  3. Copy the AmongLock repo URL and paste it into the Cydia dialog.
  4. Finally, touch Add the source.
  5. Cydia will now download the full source for the AmongLock repo and refresh the data. Click on the installed repo to see all available fixes. If you don’t see anything in the repo, go back and hit the refresh button at the top of the screen. Then the repo will show all available options. Look at it Among the keys and touch it.
  6. Click now Downloads in the upper right corner of the screen.
  7. touch To test the in the upper right corner to continue the installation. If AmongLock has dependencies, they will be installed on the device when clicked To test the.
  8. It’s finished. AmongLock now starts to install on the device. Tap when the process is complete Restart Springboard at the bottom of the screen.
  9. After restarting your device, AmongLock will be in the Settings of your device. You can go here and customize your iPhone screen however you want in Between Us style.

Note: You need to jailbreak your phone with AmongLock, so think before using it.

It is at the top How to create a password screen like Reaktor between us. If you are afraid of security during jailbreak, you can download Between Us wallpaper to make your phone more secure.

Among us wallpapers for mobile phone

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