DTCL season 7: Archery Warrior team instructions to play

TFT in season 7, Gladiator – Archer is a very powerful combo with excellent winter resistance and a consistent amount of damage. We will learn how to play Gladiator – Archery Squad in DTCL season 7 through the next article.


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DTCL season 7: Archery Warrior team instructions to play

team power

The main power of the clan

  • Gladiator: Increases the health of the entire army
  • Arrows: Great increase in attack speed


  • The ability to deal mixed damage in a large area
  • It can withstand gladiators well
  • Keep good health, easy to play and strong


  • The backline has low health, which is bad when dealing with assassins
  • The damage is not that great

How to organize a team


Among the staff generals:

  • Top lines: Shen, Illaoi, Ornn, Skarner
  • The following routes: Ezreal, Twitch, Xayah, Varus

Depending on the state of the game, we have a way to organize the champions accordingly. If you meet a group of assassins, take a corner and protect Varus.

How to equip the equipment

Since the damage of this team depends a lot on Varus and Xayah, I prefer to buy equipment for these 2 generals.


  • Rage: Increase attack speed
  • Rage: Deals splash damage
  • Dead Sword: Increases attack power


  • Mark with Zeke: Increase attack speed
  • Assault Giant: Deals massive damage to enemy tankers


  • Barbed Armor: Armor upgrade
  • Dragon Claw: Increases magic resistance
  • Blood Armor: Increases health by a large amount

I wish the Archery Warriors team many victories in DTCL season 7!

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