The Genshin effect: Places and paths of flowers

Effect of Genshin Impact Hu Tao is a necessary ingredient if you want to improve Xingqiu. That’s it As much as normal farming is Genshin Impact.

The usual plush position of Genshin Impact

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If you love playing gacha games, you definitely can’t ignore Genshin Impact. Despite rumors of plagiarism, Genshin Impact is still “ruined” as one of the best cross-platform games today and has the highest income in the world of video games today.

This is because Genshin Impact has a lot of creativity in the game. The game world is huge with a different mission system for players to experience. You can play alone or team up with friends to fight monsters or solve mysteries on your adventures in Liyue, Mondstadt and more.

In particular, miHoyo actively updates Genshin Impact regularly. With each update, the game adds new content, missions and events. Therefore, players will not get tired when facing Genshin Impact.

One of the important tasks of playing this gacha game is to collect materials to upgrade and develop characters, flowers are one of them.

Speaking of flowers in Genshin Impact, it is impossible to ignore the common flower (its English name is Silk Flower). It is a specialty of the Liyue region. Players must collect Hu Tao or Xingqiu if they want to level up and weave cloth for household items.

The flowers of Genshin Impact are very beautiful and not difficult to harvest. But this flower is rare. Therefore, you may need to spend more time to get enough. will notify you Effect of Genshin Impact to find them easier.

Genshin Impact art locations and paths

  • The usual plush position of Genshin Impact
  • A typical florist in Genshin Impact
  • How to find Lady Bai and Verr Goldet in Liyue in Genshin Impact

The usual plush position of Genshin Impact

Liyue Port of Genshin Impact

Unlike other plants, Effect of Genshin Impact the game was developed in only two different regions. The first place you will find flowers is usually at Liyue Port in Yujing Terrace. Teleport to the nearest transfer point and follow the aforementioned route every few days. You can also find lapis lazuli around.

Genshin, Impact Inn

The second most famous place is Wangshu Inn, located between the stone gate and Liyue port. Following the path mentioned in the picture above will help you collect all these flowers quickly. To make sure you don’t miss or drop a flower, make sure the tree isn’t lit before you go.

Remember to only take a regular crocus in Genshin Impact to make a piece of cloth.

Each bush consists of 3 ordinary flowers. They have a bright red color, so they are very easy to see. Up to 2 overseas Thriving Locations in Genshin Impact You can also buy from the store above.

A typical florist in Genshin Impact

A typical florist in Genshin Impact

Bai from Qingce Village and Verr Goldet from Vong Thu Inn sell ordinary flowers to Genshin Impact. Both stores have these 5 flowers in stock. They sell for 1000 blackberry/cotton. So you have to pay 10,000 mora to get 10 percent.

The store “fills up” every 2 days. You can visit Verr Goldent at the end of your trip to find a hotel in Vong Thu.

How to find Lady Bai and Verr Goldet in Liyue in Genshin Impact

Mrs.  Yes to Genshin Impact

Mrs. Bai lives in Qingje Village, right next to the head of the family’s house. At first, you don’t recognize this character because he doesn’t look like a typical shop owner. If you can get past the factory, you’ve gone too far.

The inn still sells flowers to Genshin Impact

Verr Goldet owns the Hotel Vong Thu. To meet him, it is enough to go to the hotel registration desk.

It is at the top How to find and lust in Genshin Impact. If only he knew Genshin effect Normal farm position There’s more, please share with readers!

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