DTCL season 7: Strongest overall meta 12.14

Arena of Truth 7 times It was launched with many changes to champions and families, which help players feel new and more interesting. The following article will summarize the best champions that are considered the strongest and worth buying in DTCL season 7 update 12.14.


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DTCL season 7: Strongest overall meta 12.14

  • Strongest General (S rank)
  • The best champion to use properly (Rank A)

Note: The following statistics are based on the win rates (top 4) of all champions on global servers (platinum rank or higher) in Teamfight Tactics season 7 patch 12.14.

Strongest overall (S rank – Win rank above 61%)

After a series of nerf updates, Shyvana and Ao Shin are out of S rank in this new update. This is understandable given the extremely high prices of these two dragon generals, but they are demanding on ranks and require extreme luck. Spirit of Aurelion is a level 5 dragon general but dropped to S rank due to more power and easier to control with the Upper Dragon clan. Also, Soraka is a support champion with a relatively low performance level but a very high win rate, ranking 2nd in S rank with 68%.

  • poet: 69.0%
  • cheers: 68.0%
  • Aurelion Sol: 65.9%
  • peaks: 63.6%
  • Zoe: 62.9%
  • Yasuo: 62.9%


The best champion to use properly (Rank A – Win rank from 56% to 62%)

There is a big fluctuation in the A rank, as in the previous update, most of the A rank generals have disappeared and have been replaced by generals who have been “demoted” to the S rank. Especially , the two divine dragon generals that Shyvana and Ao. Shin, even though they are not in the S rank, they still have great strength and easily occupy the first place 1 and 2 in the A rank. Also, new names appeared in this ranking including Sona, Corki and especially Lulu. samples of popular approval.

  • Syvana: 59.4%
  • Ao Shin: 59.2%
  • End: 56.7%
  • Corky: 56.2%
  • Lulu: 55.7%


We hope the list above will help you pick champions for your team more effectively. I wish you many victories with these very powerful generals!

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